Monday, September 26, 2011

First time for everything!

Yall, I did something last night with Kaylen that I've never done before: I went rolling! (Or as some of my friends up north call it "TP'ing".) I was never allowed to in high school and this week is homecoming week. It's Kaylen's senior year (she gets away with everything) so I figured it was now or never! I wore black yoga pants, a "senior 2012" tshirt, black vans I've had since I was 16, and a dark try and hide my 23 year old self. It totally worked! We went with about 20 other kids. Aside from the few that knew me anyway, they couldn't figure out who I was. And I DEFINITELY don't think they guessed I was 23. I did everything I could to look younger JUST in case we got pulled over. I kept my hair down so my tattoo wasn't visible and even took off my wedding ring. And of course, carried no ID.
It was such a rush!! I can totally see how a life of juvenile delinquency could be appealing. Who knew that throwing toilet paper in trees could be so much fun! When we were getting a house and I was tossing toilet paper rolls into the tallest trees and watching them fall, for just a minute I felt 17 again. Priceless!
Kaylen, thanks for letting your very square sister tag along.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall TV

A few nights ago me and the husband had a glorious TV night. We watched an old favorite and a few new ones.

We started with Tosh.0. The old favorite. We love Tosh! He did his campus takeover at ASU and it was hilarious!

We tried The New Girl! I love Zooey. We might make this show a weekly thing. Bless her heart, she reminds me of me.

Yes, I know I'm late to the game but we just watched our first episode of Modern Family. Awesomely funny. I'd watch it just for Sophia Vergara alone. And I love the fat gay guy! (I don't know any of their names.)

This might be my new favorite. The Big Bang Theory. We started from the pilot. I was laughing so hard at Sheldon I couldn't breathe. Everything he says is a riot!

Today has been an awesomely lazy day of football. It didn't start off great. I took Kaylen into town and we stopped at McDonalds on the way home. I get home only realize they jipped me my burger! I was peaved. My mom said SHE was going into town and she would take me receipt and get my double cheeseburger minus onions. She surprised me and came back with the Gameday Special from Speedy's! TEN tacos, nacho chips and cheese! Woo hoo! AND tonight we're having Sante Fe soup. AND my Tide beat the Razorbacks. This day has ROCKED!
Tomorrow morning we're taking the kids to the vet. They were supposed to go LAST week. But they were very bad and refused to get in the crate together. So we went to PetSmart sans cats and bought ANOTHER crate. They're going tomorrow whether they like it or not. Little snots.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Birthday Party Ever

I HAD to post pictures from a very special birthday party we went to this past weekend. Our very good friend's baby, Tristan turned 1! It's hard to believe a year ago I was posting about his birth. I've decided that Tracie (the mommy) is planning my baby shower and all of the kid's parties after that. Check it out! She thought of everything and there were sock monkeys galore! Check out that cake!
It was the perfect day for a party. This is Tristan and his adorable cousin Mary Taylor in the bouncy house. Yes, there were TWO bouncy houses.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girl Crush Vol. 3

Diane Kruger
I love looking at this woman! She's just naturally stunning and her style is to die for old Hollywood. Just check out this mustard dress! Perfection!

I saw her in this dress in my newest Life and Style and HAD to blog it. She looks like a fairy. In a REALLY good way.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Four Eyes

love how celebs are doing this whole nerd glasses trend. I bet they're not even prescription. I was way ahead of the trend. Try 20 years. I got glasses when I was 4. Multi-colored metal frames that took up half of my face. TRUE nerd glasses. Glad everyone finally caught on.
Hilary needs to button another button. I was slightly irritated in the last Life and Style where she gushed that HER first year of marriage was a piece of cake and she doesn't get why everyone says it's so hard. I'm not saying money buys marital happiness, but I bet having millions laying around doesn't hurt.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty Women

Happy Tuesday, all! Three more days til the freakin weekend! Today at work a coworker told me I remind her of Cheryl Tiegs and that my face belongs in Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal Magazine. I had never heard of Cheryl Tiegs so I had to google her. I must say I was quite flattered when I came across this picture:
It's almost Awards Season! This makes me so happy. I think I look forward to what all the women are wearing more than seeing who actually wins. That got me to thinking about the dresses that have been my faves. These were some of them:

I think if I was a celebrity, one-color muted tones (save for the fire engine red my girl, Kate is wearing) would be my thing.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Mist

Photo from weheartit.
Today I visited a new church for the first time. It might be what you would call a "mega church". It had it's own information center, book store and coffee shop. I've never seen anything like it. The beginning of the service was upbeat and exciting. One song we sang was "Freedom is Here". Very appropriate for the day. One of the worship leaders sang "God Bless America" acapella. Beautiful. This month at this church the theme is At the Movies. The pastor does his sermon based on a movie. Last week was "Remember the Titans". In the future they'll be doing ET, Jurassic Park (really curious how that's going to be turned into a sermon) and Up. Today was one of the hardest movies to watch: United 93. I've seen it 3 times in it's entirety. Each time I sob. Today was no different. They didn't play the whole movie but chopped it to make it fit into ten minutes or so. Still, no less moving. Especially the last scene.

The overriding theme was that the people on United 93, at the World trade Center and at the Pentagon, just started their day with no clue that they wouldn't see the end of it. It's a reminder that life is so short. The Bible says this human life is just a "mist" that comes and goes. He read some of the messages left on answering machines from people stuck in the towers. They all said basically the same thing: just know that I love you.
Life is fleeting. Ten years ago 3000 people came face to face with God. Be ready for eternity and make sure your nearest and dearest know you love them NOW.

*God bless the victim's families and our firefighters!*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (ala Linny's Vault)

1. I lost three freaking lbs. after getting my wisdom teeth out (which are finally healing up nicely). I didn't lose that much from working out for a month. I no longer have a gym membership.
2. My day just got AWESOME because we're having tacos tonight! I like mine on a soft shell with sour cream, meat, cheese, lettuce and mild picante sauce. Yummm.
3. It has rained non-stop since yesterday morning. Like flooding-in-Alabama raining. Needless to say, our Labor Day was lackluster. It was actually down right boring. Which is fine. It gave me more time for....
4. The book I'm getting into! Stephen King's The Stand. It's the biggest book I've ever attempted. Even bigger than Gone with the Wind. It's super gross. I mean duh. It IS Stephen King.
5. Self-righteousness on Facebook is annoying.
6. Football season officially started Saturday!! Seemed like it would never get here. Mine and the husband's teams won. Too bad Auburn didn't lose. I was hoping all their hopes and dreams would be crushed in week 1. I've already hid one Auburn fan's statuses on FB. I have a feeling that number is going to rise.
7. After all the rain we've had the temp. dropped faster than panties at an R. Kelly concert! (Was that remark too racy? Maybe a little?) Anyway, I walked outside today in my t-shirt and it was chilly! Sweet!!
8. We found a house that we're pursuing! It's perfect. 3 beds, 2 baths. An unfinished basement, hardwood floors, a nice kitchen, a laundry room and (be still my beating heart) a sun room! We fell in love with it instantly. I know you're NOT supposed to do that when house hunting, but TOO LATE! We love it! We're doing everything we can to get our credit up a few more points. I'm praying praying praying this works out.
9. Have you seen the show Dance Moms?? After watching, I decided that if we have a daughter, she will play golf or tennis. All the pretty girls play those sports and she can make us a ton of money.
10. CHRIS decided the other day that we'll move to Hoover (a town with an awesome high school football program) when our son is in high school. He made this decision assuming that a. he's any good at football, b. he PLAYS football, c. he's a boy!
Head over to to see the queen of Ten on Tuesday!
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