Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall TV

A few nights ago me and the husband had a glorious TV night. We watched an old favorite and a few new ones.

We started with Tosh.0. The old favorite. We love Tosh! He did his campus takeover at ASU and it was hilarious!

We tried The New Girl! I love Zooey. We might make this show a weekly thing. Bless her heart, she reminds me of me.

Yes, I know I'm late to the game but we just watched our first episode of Modern Family. Awesomely funny. I'd watch it just for Sophia Vergara alone. And I love the fat gay guy! (I don't know any of their names.)

This might be my new favorite. The Big Bang Theory. We started from the pilot. I was laughing so hard at Sheldon I couldn't breathe. Everything he says is a riot!

Today has been an awesomely lazy day of football. It didn't start off great. I took Kaylen into town and we stopped at McDonalds on the way home. I get home only realize they jipped me my burger! I was peaved. My mom said SHE was going into town and she would take me receipt and get my double cheeseburger minus onions. She surprised me and came back with the Gameday Special from Speedy's! TEN tacos, nacho chips and cheese! Woo hoo! AND tonight we're having Sante Fe soup. AND my Tide beat the Razorbacks. This day has ROCKED!
Tomorrow morning we're taking the kids to the vet. They were supposed to go LAST week. But they were very bad and refused to get in the crate together. So we went to PetSmart sans cats and bought ANOTHER crate. They're going tomorrow whether they like it or not. Little snots.

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  1. I have so many shows I'm watching now that everything's back on. The newest one that I've added to the mix is 'The New Girl' & am love with it! She's so funny & cute.

    The hubs has a total crush on her lol.


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