Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (ala Linny's Vault)

1. I lost three freaking lbs. after getting my wisdom teeth out (which are finally healing up nicely). I didn't lose that much from working out for a month. I no longer have a gym membership.
2. My day just got AWESOME because we're having tacos tonight! I like mine on a soft shell with sour cream, meat, cheese, lettuce and mild picante sauce. Yummm.
3. It has rained non-stop since yesterday morning. Like flooding-in-Alabama raining. Needless to say, our Labor Day was lackluster. It was actually down right boring. Which is fine. It gave me more time for....
4. The book I'm getting into! Stephen King's The Stand. It's the biggest book I've ever attempted. Even bigger than Gone with the Wind. It's super gross. I mean duh. It IS Stephen King.
5. Self-righteousness on Facebook is annoying.
6. Football season officially started Saturday!! Seemed like it would never get here. Mine and the husband's teams won. Too bad Auburn didn't lose. I was hoping all their hopes and dreams would be crushed in week 1. I've already hid one Auburn fan's statuses on FB. I have a feeling that number is going to rise.
7. After all the rain we've had the temp. dropped faster than panties at an R. Kelly concert! (Was that remark too racy? Maybe a little?) Anyway, I walked outside today in my t-shirt and it was chilly! Sweet!!
8. We found a house that we're pursuing! It's perfect. 3 beds, 2 baths. An unfinished basement, hardwood floors, a nice kitchen, a laundry room and (be still my beating heart) a sun room! We fell in love with it instantly. I know you're NOT supposed to do that when house hunting, but TOO LATE! We love it! We're doing everything we can to get our credit up a few more points. I'm praying praying praying this works out.
9. Have you seen the show Dance Moms?? After watching, I decided that if we have a daughter, she will play golf or tennis. All the pretty girls play those sports and she can make us a ton of money.
10. CHRIS decided the other day that we'll move to Hoover (a town with an awesome high school football program) when our son is in high school. He made this decision assuming that a. he's any good at football, b. he PLAYS football, c. he's a boy!
Head over to LinnysVault.com to see the queen of Ten on Tuesday!


  1. 1. 3 lbs because of your wisdom teeth being removed? Wow. I'd love to lose 3 lbs but no way am I getting teeth removed for them, haha.
    2. Oooh, I love me some tacos! That's also why I cant lose 3 lbs lol.
    3. Mine sucked too. I spent it building a nerdy ass D&D character.
    4. Heard of it, never read it. Gonna have to check it out.
    5. You said it!
    7. lmao...that's hilarious!
    8. Sounds absolutely perfect. I'd love a house with a sun room. I hope you guys get it :)
    9. You're the 3rd person to bring up this show. I must see this train wreck.
    10. Ha, guys are so totally funny that way aren't they?

    Thanks a ton for joining in on the 10 on Tuesday fun sweets!

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