Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothin' But a Good Time

Guess who the husband and I saw Saturday night. Go ahead and give up.
Brett Michaels.
I'm not much of a concert person (and this made me remember why) but Poison is husband's favorite 80's band, so why not? The opening band was a cover band called The Naked Eskimos. They weren't naked and only one of them might even possibly be an eskimo. But they were pretty awesome. Any band that can pull of Blink 182, The Darkness AND Rage Against the Machine equally well is fine with me.
I'm honestly not a huge fan of Poison. I'm more of a G&R, AC/DC girl. But Brett put on a good show. He did Sweet Home Alabama and everybody lost their minds. He even did the "Roll Tide Roll" in it! My favorite moment by far. He might have converted me into a mini-fan.
And now a couple of pointers for standing room only concerts:
Like Chris said "move your feet, lose your seat". Don't expect to go pee, go get another beer and be able to get right back up where you were. Pick a spot and stay there.
Don't try and start conversations during the frickin show. At that moment, I don't care how crappy your team played that day.
Ladies, leave your frickin purses in the car. Put your ID, money and keys in your pockets or your boy's pants pockets. There's hardly room for you much less your suitcase. You'll just be swinging it everywhere and hitting everyone with it. Thanks, prick.
With such little space, there's no room for your hoochie dancing. I swear some fat broad might as well have been grinding on me to UnSkinny Bop.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Head

Hello all! The weather felt amazing today! It was cold! I wore actual long sleeves! Fabulous. It made the football game tonight that much more fun. The concession stand served hot chocolate. I HAVE to buy some apple cider now. With caramel. Yum.
Halloween isn't two weeks away and every year we carve pumpkins with David and Tracie (and now Tristan). I look forward to it so much. But THIS year I've decided not to carve...but bedazzle. I found some cute ideas on my new obsession (pinterest) and I think I can do them, even though I'm not terribly crafty.

This one's a definite possibility:

I love love love this one. But I'm not sure I'm ready for it:

This is my absolute favorite. I think I wouldn't paint it though. I mean, it IS a pumpkin. And the stones and spider would be black. I figure the stones will be follow the natural curves of the pumpkin to make the web so it's basically idiot proof. Perfect!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello, Weekend!

Right now, I'm sitting home alone and watching a football game. Being home alone rarely happens and I'm taking full advantage of that. The husband is AT said football game and he texted me super excited because he's sitting in the end zone and caught the football that his team kicked a field goal with. Only him.

Last night we went to the most unique, modern wedding I've ever been to. My girlfriend from high school married her wedding videographer fiance. It was insanely gorgeous. The attendants walked down the aisle to Coldplay's "Clocks". Fabulous.

Today me and the fam went to Trade Days at Tannehill Park. I blogged about the same outing last year. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It seemed like there wasn't as many vendors and just not as much stuff. I walked away with a Danielle Steel book and a bottle of water. But whatevs. I got to hold a 7 week old Labrador puppy so it's all good.

Speaking of puppies I had dinner with my friend Megan, and when I took her home, I got to see her great dane "puppy" Amadeus. Less of a dog, more of a pony. He sits higher than the kitchen counter. Holy crap. (Shout out to Bud!)

Tomorrow it's lunch, shopping for some work clothes for husband and catching up on TV shows.

THIS is one of the cooler things I've ever seen. My fave is James Dean/RPatz. Can you tell who the other celebs are?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Man, do I love Sundays. I might have told you about my deal with the husband? Saturdays I leave him alone to watch football and Sundays he's my slave (there's a more fitting word, I'm just not using it). This morning we took Gus Gus back to the vet just to get checked over. He got us laughing because in the exam room he was DESPERATE to find a place to hide and he's gotten so "fluffy" he couldn't effectively jump two feet into the cabinet. He just kind of hung there on the cabinet door. Bless him.
After our trip to the vet we went to lunch at Sumos. I'm really looking forward to lunch tomorrow because I have a whole salmon and fried rice left over. Yay! After THAT we saw the new movie 50/50. Awesome movie. Go see it! I'm so glad I only cried once. It's the perfect "dramedy". And Seth Rogen is hilarious. And I might have a little crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt now.
When we got home I introduced Chris to the classic horror "House on Haunted Hill". Love this movie. Its super cheesy but still manages to creep me the heck out:
Vincent Price on the set:
And Carol Ohmart is beautiful to look at through the movie:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Will you take my picture?"

That's what I asked Kaylen after I got back from a wedding today. I felt silly but whatever, I thought I looked cute. Remember that awesome dress I was saying I got for free? This is it! And I'm SO proud of myself that I didn't wear flats! And please take note of the socks. I've had those suckers for a year and they just now saw the light of day:

Dress: JCPenney
Boots: Victoria's Secret
Awesome Socks and necklace: Forever 21

I was kind of having a bad day. Just in one of those grouchy mad but I don't know why moods. Taking silly pictures with Kaylen turned my day around! The gnats were terrible! She'd count 3-2-1-snap when she clicked and in those three seconds I was swatting gnats from my face. She even took one to the eye. Thanks for taking one for the team, Kaylen!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A state of Euphoria

I have had a FANTASTIC weekend. Like I said earlier, this past week was homecoming week in good ole' Hueytown. Always exciting. Thursday night was the bonfire. I'm such a nerd but I always enjoy this. I love the whole community coming together to cheer on our boys (who are number 1 in the state by the way, a first for H-town).

Kaylen and I.

Kaylen doing her thing.

Friday morning a local TV station as at the school to film our pep rally. Best pep rally ever! Above is a picture of me and my favorite player to watch, Tim. I've never met this kid before but mom saw him and was all "hey, can I get your picture with my daughter?!" Haha. I said "I feel like a dork asking for a picture but you're my favorite!" He was so sweet!

This is Kaylen's boyfriend, Daniel, doing his job and doing it well. He's an offensive lineman and a dang good one. He even scored his first touchdown that night! Needless to say, we won Friday night with a score that's embarrassing for Parker.

Yesterday morning I got up and went on a shopping trip all by myself. That is the BEST shopping. I got a super cute fall dress I saw in InStyle at JCPenney for FREE. I had a gift card for $42 and the dress was $50. Ok, so I'll spend 8 on it. I get to the register and it's on sale for $20. FTW. I was overly excited about that. I had stop myself from skipping on the way out.

Here's some of my goodies:

Bomber from Forever21.

Necklace also from Forever21. $2.80. Can't beat that.

Dress from you know where. I have (count em') THREE weddings next month and I think this would be appropriate for all.

And lastly a chiffon skirt from, you guessed it, Forever21.

I also found a pair of jeans that actually fit perfectly from AE. They HAD to go home with me, because how often do you find jeans that fit perfectly? I honestly left in a state of shopping Euphoria yesterday. I'd say it's been a VERY successful weekend! I'm already counting down to the next one!

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