Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello, Weekend!

Right now, I'm sitting home alone and watching a football game. Being home alone rarely happens and I'm taking full advantage of that. The husband is AT said football game and he texted me super excited because he's sitting in the end zone and caught the football that his team kicked a field goal with. Only him.

Last night we went to the most unique, modern wedding I've ever been to. My girlfriend from high school married her wedding videographer fiance. It was insanely gorgeous. The attendants walked down the aisle to Coldplay's "Clocks". Fabulous.

Today me and the fam went to Trade Days at Tannehill Park. I blogged about the same outing last year. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It seemed like there wasn't as many vendors and just not as much stuff. I walked away with a Danielle Steel book and a bottle of water. But whatevs. I got to hold a 7 week old Labrador puppy so it's all good.

Speaking of puppies I had dinner with my friend Megan, and when I took her home, I got to see her great dane "puppy" Amadeus. Less of a dog, more of a pony. He sits higher than the kitchen counter. Holy crap. (Shout out to Bud!)

Tomorrow it's lunch, shopping for some work clothes for husband and catching up on TV shows.

THIS is one of the cooler things I've ever seen. My fave is James Dean/RPatz. Can you tell who the other celebs are?

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