Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothin' But a Good Time

Guess who the husband and I saw Saturday night. Go ahead and give up.
Brett Michaels.
I'm not much of a concert person (and this made me remember why) but Poison is husband's favorite 80's band, so why not? The opening band was a cover band called The Naked Eskimos. They weren't naked and only one of them might even possibly be an eskimo. But they were pretty awesome. Any band that can pull of Blink 182, The Darkness AND Rage Against the Machine equally well is fine with me.
I'm honestly not a huge fan of Poison. I'm more of a G&R, AC/DC girl. But Brett put on a good show. He did Sweet Home Alabama and everybody lost their minds. He even did the "Roll Tide Roll" in it! My favorite moment by far. He might have converted me into a mini-fan.
And now a couple of pointers for standing room only concerts:
Like Chris said "move your feet, lose your seat". Don't expect to go pee, go get another beer and be able to get right back up where you were. Pick a spot and stay there.
Don't try and start conversations during the frickin show. At that moment, I don't care how crappy your team played that day.
Ladies, leave your frickin purses in the car. Put your ID, money and keys in your pockets or your boy's pants pockets. There's hardly room for you much less your suitcase. You'll just be swinging it everywhere and hitting everyone with it. Thanks, prick.
With such little space, there's no room for your hoochie dancing. I swear some fat broad might as well have been grinding on me to UnSkinny Bop.

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