Sunday, October 2, 2011

A state of Euphoria

I have had a FANTASTIC weekend. Like I said earlier, this past week was homecoming week in good ole' Hueytown. Always exciting. Thursday night was the bonfire. I'm such a nerd but I always enjoy this. I love the whole community coming together to cheer on our boys (who are number 1 in the state by the way, a first for H-town).

Kaylen and I.

Kaylen doing her thing.

Friday morning a local TV station as at the school to film our pep rally. Best pep rally ever! Above is a picture of me and my favorite player to watch, Tim. I've never met this kid before but mom saw him and was all "hey, can I get your picture with my daughter?!" Haha. I said "I feel like a dork asking for a picture but you're my favorite!" He was so sweet!

This is Kaylen's boyfriend, Daniel, doing his job and doing it well. He's an offensive lineman and a dang good one. He even scored his first touchdown that night! Needless to say, we won Friday night with a score that's embarrassing for Parker.

Yesterday morning I got up and went on a shopping trip all by myself. That is the BEST shopping. I got a super cute fall dress I saw in InStyle at JCPenney for FREE. I had a gift card for $42 and the dress was $50. Ok, so I'll spend 8 on it. I get to the register and it's on sale for $20. FTW. I was overly excited about that. I had stop myself from skipping on the way out.

Here's some of my goodies:

Bomber from Forever21.

Necklace also from Forever21. $2.80. Can't beat that.

Dress from you know where. I have (count em') THREE weddings next month and I think this would be appropriate for all.

And lastly a chiffon skirt from, you guessed it, Forever21.

I also found a pair of jeans that actually fit perfectly from AE. They HAD to go home with me, because how often do you find jeans that fit perfectly? I honestly left in a state of shopping Euphoria yesterday. I'd say it's been a VERY successful weekend! I'm already counting down to the next one!

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  1. Ha, those were my school colors too & the cheer outfit looks almost identical to what mine used to be. Glad you had a fun weekend!


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