Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween weekend!

I present to you my Halloween weekend in pictures...backwards...because that's how I uploaded them.
I took the kitties outside for the first time ever! Gus's eyes were as big as saucers. You'd have thought he was Dorothy walking out of Kansas and into Oz. Oh! And take a gander at my pumpkin!
I love his face here.

Halloween at work! These are my coworkers bowing down to me. Guess who I am???
Kate Middleton! Made the "fascinator" myself!
Me and the husband after making pumpkins:
Tristan! We always carve pumpkins with David and Tracie and this year was special because Tristan is big enough to have fun with! Last year he was just a month old. He sooo knows he's cute:
The whole group!

Love this little kid!

Oh and totally random but, the Kim Kardashian divorce "shocker"?
Called it.


  1. Love your 'blinged' out pumpkin! And the expression on your cat's face..priceless! I imagine Ravey would have the same look!

  2. Look at you being all princess-like & having people bowing before you, haha. Super cute costume idea & your pumpkin was way cute!

  3. Wow this is soooooooo awesome!!!


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