Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's been a while since I blogged. I woke up this beautiful Saturday morning with a couple of things on my mind.

-The husband and I are on the house hunt. Very exciting and very overwhelming. We've looked at three this week and we're looking at another today. I got my hopes up on one last night and had them dashed when David, our house guru, said "run away!" Apparently the owner had jerry-rigged the would-be awesome house into oblivion. He took out a low-bearing wall in the kitchen. David said he would be afraid in a strong wind the kitchen would collapse right in on me. But that didn't bother him as much as the self-done wiring or the wall covered in mold in the basement did. See? This is why we HAVE David. We have no idea what to look for. I would've said "the bathroom is pretty, I'll take it!" But we're still hopeful. The other two we've looked at have definite potential.

-My grandmother (Maw) is not doing well at all. She's had cancer for a couple of years now. Since she decided the last time it came back that she wasn't going to do treatments, we've known this was coming. But gees, that's not making it any easier. I talked to my dad about it yesterday, just me and him. After a story he told me about Maw recently, my heart was just filled with peace. Now I'm absolutely sure that a host of angels will be there when it happens to escort her into the presence of God. Maybe on a later date I'll share the story. It kept me up most of last night.

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