Friday, February 10, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Hi. I'm so very thankful it's Friday. I've had a truly bad week. This is all I want to do at the moment:
No one touch me. No one talk to me. Just let me be.

But I have to work. And I have a birthday dinner to go to tonight. Such is life.

I realized something about myself yesterday. I hate making decisions. Any kind of decision. Which house do I want to buy? Stressful decision. Do I want Ranch or 1000 Island on my Cobb salad? Stressful decision. Lately I've been telling Chris "just pick and surprise me'. For Valentine's Day he was a good husband and made reservations at a nice restaurant of his choosing like I told him to. And he won't tell me where it is. Fine with me! I was freaking out last night because I couldn't decide how I wanted to do our taxes. Should we file married or single? Ugh. I HATE making decisions because I'm terrified of making the WRONG one. I have to wonder if all of this is coming on because of the house. More than likely.

Anyway, I AM excited about shopping tomorrow. I haven't been in a while and I want some new long sleeve shirts for Gatlinburg (in 35 days). Some like this:

I'm going to make it my goal to actually FIND the turquoise shirt at Forever 21. My fave color. By the way, did anyone else know that Nicole Linkleter, one of the winners of America's Next Top Model, is a apparently a Forever 21 model now? Neither did I, til I was surfing the site and there she was!
But, yes, we're going to Gatlinburg in 35 days I'm ready to go tomorrow. It's for Kaylen's graduation trip and it'll be the first time we've all gone as one big family since I married Chris. I love Gatlinburg. My favorite city. And it's kind of special to us. The night after Chris asked me to be his girlfriend we spent the day there. I even remember the exact t-shirt shop we slow danced to Usher in. Haha. Not to mention it's where we honeymooned. Le sigh.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a better week next week!


  1. Oh I love Gatlinburg too..haven't been there in so many years!! Have fun shopping...its always a cure to lift one's spirits!! :-)

  2. Have fun at the birthday dinner...or they at least feed you well there.

    Love that turquoise shirt, it's totally cute :)


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