Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Hello all! Let me tell you about my Valentines Day! My wonderful husband outdid himself. At work, a lady in the office said she needed to speak to me. I thought maybe I broke the copy machine. She told me to have a seat. Then four men in matching suits walked in and here ya go!....

YES! I got a personal serenade at the office! Of course I cried like an idiot. Some of my coworkers were in on it and got video and pictures. I'm so glad they did! Here's a link to my FB so you can see the video. Who even THINKS to do that?! I called Chris right after and said "you da MAN!!"
Like I said, I told him weeks ago to plan our evening and surprise me. We had dinner at an upscale restaurant in Birmingham, Metro Prime Steakhouse. Oh Em Gee. (Can't believe I just did that.) It was amazing. Crab cakes and twice baked mashed potatoes for me and a New York strip and lobster mac and cheese for Chris. I could bathe in those mashed potatoes they were so incredible.
I love having a husband who's always trying to top himself! After all that hoopla it made the timex watch and Valentine boxers I got him look ridiculous. =)

I haven't posted since the Grammy's so here's few quick thought:
-I have a little crush on Bruno Mars.
-I thought the Whitney Houston deal was handled very well for SUCH short notice. And Jennifer Hudson's tribute gave me chills.
-I went into a facebook rant about Taylor Swift doing her usual stupid "I can't believe it" face when she got yet ANOTHER standing ovation after her performance. She irks me. I DID however enjoy her face when she did NOT get the award she was up for.
-How many Catholics hate Niki Manaj now? She's ridiculous.
-I was so hoping Chris Brown would never win another award as long as he lives. Dang.
-Katy Perry has my vote for Best Dressed. Blue Hair and all.


  1. How sweet!!!! Sounds like you had an awesome V-day!

  2. Kudos to Chris on an amazing surprise! I didnt watch the Grammys but read about it the next day. I have to agree, wth was Niki Minaj thinking? It was an awful performance!

    Also, I loved Katy Perry's look. No clue why people didnt care for it.


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