Sunday, February 5, 2012



Yesterday I started the Body by Vi challenge. It's day 2 and I'm, you guessed it, pumped! My fellow former Hooters girl, Laura uses it and is a distributor. She kept talking about and other people started talking about so I got curious! It's a program with different options for people with different health and fitness goals. In my kit that came in the mail Friday, I have enough Body by Vi Nutritional Mix to substitute two meals a day for shakes for 1 month. I've had four so far and all four have been great. I just had the best yet for lunch. A basic fruit shake with strawberries, pineapple and banana. And this morning was chocolate peanut butter cup. Yes. Chocolate peanut butter cup. I feel like I can do this! The only downside is washing the blender over and over. Ha. Small price to pay.

The house hunting is still going. Chris is really liking one that's a steal of a price but would need a lot of work. We took another look at it with the family and David Thursday night. I got so overwhelmed looking at what needed to be fixed and appliances that would need to be bought and doing the math in my head of how much it would all cost. It took everything I had not to just cry. Tomorrow we're looking at a home that's an ideal location, great size and little pricier. From the pictures it looks well taken care of. All if would need would be paint. So what to do? An already awesome house with a larger monthly payment or a house that has potential to be awesome and a cheap payment but needs TLC and a good chunk of change to fix'er up?


I have made ONE decision though. When we get a house the kitchen will look like this:

White cabinets and turquoise walls.

God bless pinterest.

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  1. I can't even begin to imagine how overwhelming house hunting is. Personally, I think I'd opt for the newer looking house just because we're total procrastinators & would never end up fixing things up.

    Good luck!


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