Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad Dreams?

I did NOT sleep well at all last night. It seems like I had one long nightmare. Here's the cliff note version:

I dreamed I got a text message from an unknown number saying "call me. it's an emergency." I called and a woman said "Alyssa, run. Run out the door and down the street. Run and don't ask questions."

Next my family and I ticked of a gang of hoodlums. As punishment they slit my, my mother and sister's thumbs open (Not sure if that grammar was correct but whatev). They cut open Chris and Dad's arms and legs. We drove off in an SUV to escape them. Naturally they chased us.

Somewhere along the way, the hoodlums acquired a flame throwing robot and machine guns. Eventually their robot exploded killing them all.

We were so happy to be alive we just drove to Florida where we met Tim Tebow. We really hit it off. Le sigh.

You can't see why I didn't rest well. The best part of my night was meeting Timmy. I heard he was dating Taylor Swift. I don't see that being true but if it were I might have to kill myself.


  1. My gosh what a dream/nightmare!!! What were you watching before you went to bed? At least the ending was!

  2. That is one strange dream, haha!

    I dont think he's dating her either, btw.

  3. Oh wow. I can definitely see why you didn't sleep well. Hope you have more relaxing dreams tonight!


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