Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Link up with Lin to play along! 

1. I know in my heart it's Tuesday...but it feels suspiciously like Monday.

2. The husband and I watched a total of three movies this weekend:  Moneyball, Woman in Black and Dark Shadows.  Once again, Johnny Depp is the man.  Go see it.  Kinda cheesy but totally worth the seven bucks.  We also expanded our DVD collection with American Beauty, Pirates 4, The Shining and Rocky Horror.  I should be busy for a while.

3. Progress on the house is moving slowly.  We ordered a new shower to be put in and finished the caulking.  I discovered I'm actually really good at caulking.  Better than Chris.

 4. My baby sister graduated high school Thursday night!  I cried like a moron when I saw her in her gown.  We had a big party for her at my parent's house last week.  Here's a pic of the center pieces I put together.  Not amazingly creative but I thought they turned out cute.

5.  This summer will definitely be the year for a one-piece swim suit for me.  Not because I "feel fat" or anything.  My scoliosis is getting worse and without a shirt on I'm starting to look...crooked.  Fortunately one pieces are cute again!

6.  After Maw passed I started going through old pictures and found this gem.  It's my parents!  How cute is that!  It looks like my dad had swag.  And my mother is still that size.

7.  I'm currently reading Silence of the Lambs.  One of my favorite movies.  I DID finish Red Dragon before I started.  Couldn't put it down.  And I usually don't like murder mystery/crime books.  But these are awesome.  Would make a great beach read.

8.  Husband dearest sent me this video.  Hilarious.  If you're squeamish don't watch the last 3 seconds!

9.  Is this not stupidly funny?  Once again props to the husband.

10.  Friday night I actually cooked!  I made MINI turkey meatloafs!  I was so proud of myself and they turned out so cute in the muffin pan!  If I can find the recipe I'll post!

1 comment:

  1. 1. This is exactly how I felt all day.
    2. All great movie choices. Obviously you guys have great taste.
    3. Well that's cool. I'd probably try caulking & mess it all up haha.
    4. Aw, congratulations to her! My lil bro's graduating next month. I feel so old. Also, those centerpieces came out adorable.
    5. I've been rockin' the tankini for years since a one piece has always made me appear frumpy.
    6. Omg how awesome. I love finding old photos of my parents as youngsters. It's like going back in time haha.
    7. Um, could you be any more awesome?! These are my favorite books, all way better than movies.
    9. Bahahaha!
    10. Love meatloaf. The hubs doesnt so I've never actually made it :( Glad it was good though.


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