Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. People really want to talk smack about Gabby Douglas's hair?  Let's see you do a standing back tuck on a 3 inch wide beam and land on your feet.  The girl is wicked talented, humble and so darn cute.  

2. Here we are with Jo Koy!  My hair was already ravaged by the humidity at this point but I just couldn't NOT share this picture!

3. Speaking of hair.  I got photoshop CS6 at work last week and I've been playing around with it using youtube videos and what not.  Today I learned how to change hair colors.  Sooo I thought I'd see how I'd look as a full on redhead!  Whatcha think?

4. I bought Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter for my nook...about 4 weeks ago.  I just can't get into it. I was sooo wrapped up in The Hunger Games series.  But this book has disappointed me so far.  Maybe I'll just cut my losses and watch the movie.

5. And speaking of movie...I saw a movie poster for Paranormal Activity 4!!  I know, I know.  These movies have consistently scared the crap out of me.  Watching them is like being in a spook house waiting for something else to pop out at you!

6. We finished painting the master bedroom tonight!  It's still a little wet in the picture.  I wasn't sure at first but after the second coat I think I'm going to like it!  I don't know why but I'm stuck on purple right now.

7.  Dear people who work at Dunkin Donuts, 
When I order a single donut, don't drop it in the paper bag frosting side down again or I'll have to gut you like a fish.  

8. Have you ever tried that powder stuff for head aches?  Don't.  My dad gave me some today in the truck on the way to lunch.  I don't know what happened but as I was downing it...it kind of exploded in my face and white powder went everywhere.  And this junk is DISGUSTING.  I couldn't talk because I had a mouth full of powder and was about to vomit from the taste.  After a few minutes of downing Diet Pepsi, Daddy told me to wipe my face because I looked like I'd been snorting coke.  

9. I wan to go to the beach sooo bad!  Even just for a weekend!  I haven't been this summer.  And those five minutes on the beach for that wedding doesn't count.

10.  This made me lol.


  1. I think you would look great with red hair. Also, I am totally wrapped up on Hunger Games too! Those books are so good...

  2. 2. Ha, same thing happens to my hair when it's humid. I hate it.
    3. How fun & you could totally pull off that hair color. Cute.
    4. Dont know if this helps or not but my husband said the book is better than the movie :/
    5. I wasn't impressed by the first one but that's definitely not going to stop me from watching the new one. I love horror movies!
    7. Ugh, I hate that too.
    10. lol


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