Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shopping FAIL

So shopping last night was a truly epic fail.  I wore comfortable clothes and shoes, carried a no-fuss purse and even wore good, nude underwear for trying things on.  I was ready to find the perfect dress for a nice wedding next weekend.  
We (me, my sister, and our grandparents) were in the food court and all of a sudden we heard what sounded like an army of Apache helicopters flying over the building.  It was LOUD.  Kaylen thought the building was collapsing.  I heard kids start screaming and seriously thought it was a shooter.  I was two seconds from grabbing Kaylen and running to the nearest store to go out the back exit.  Yes, I was forming an exit strategy in my head.  Turns out they were doing some work in a department store that's been closed forever and it must have been a jack hammer.  I was edgy the rest of the night.
After the food court, Forever 21 was my first shop, naturally.  I found a navy, lace dress that was cute but I wasn't in LOVE with it.  So we moved on to Francesca's where I tried on three dresses, two of which being these:
With my "overflowing cups" this looked like a nice potato sack on me.

This one was Kaylen's favorite and emerald IS my color with my pale skin.  But to me the ruffles only serve to make me look even MORE top-heavy.  But if nothing else suffices I might have to go back for it.

In the middle of trying on one of the dresses, Kaylen pops in and hands me her smoothie to hold while she keeps looking.  I set it on the chair and forget about it.  Naturally I knock it over and the whole bottom of the dang cup pops off and half of her mango smoothie spills on the floor.  Thank GOODNESS it didn't get on any of the clothes.  I've got one hand palming the bottom of the cup and one hand on the end of the straw so no more gets spilled, all in only bra and panties mind you.  Kaylen is still bee-bopping around and FINALLY comes to the curtain and says "Alyssa, you wear a medium right?"  I whisper-scream "GET IN HERE NOW!!"  I very gingerly pass off the exploded cup and get dressed.  THEN have to suffer the embarrassment of having to tell the little sales girl that we've had a "little spill" and request paper towels.  No paper towels.  Of course.  Only toilet paper.  So I was on my hands and knee cleaning smoothie with TOILET PAPER.  Not easy.

Moving on.

We went to Lotus.  I picked up a shiny, hot pink wrap number.  Kaylen says "That's it.  That's going to the one."  In the dressing room, I put it over my head and something is wrong.  It barely goes over my top half but getting it over my hips is not happening.  Both of us combined can't figure out how this thing is supposed to go.  I give up and struggle to take it off and I can hear threads pulling and breaking as I'm taking it over my head.  We take a good look at it and Kaylen says "Alyssa, this is a romper."   I was trying to fit my entire body...into a leg hole. 

After that we gave up and I went home empty handed.  Oh well.  Live today, fight tomorrow.  When we got to the house and Nana and Don Don were about to help us get stuff out of the car, Don Don asked if we could say a little prayer.  At the trunk of the car Don Don prayed a sweet prayer telling God how special we are to him and asking his protection and guidance on our lives as we grow.  It's things like that that I'll cherish forever.

Seeing that we are moving Kaylen to Tuscaloosa tomorrow, I'm so glad I got to spend some one-on-one time with her.  On the drive to the mall we were dancing in the back to LMFAO.  That's what I'm going to miss!  The weird little things that sisters do!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Mine will be bittersweet!


  1. Have you ever checked out ModCloth, they have tons of dresses online.

  2. Do you have a Charlotte Russe? I love that store, has better stuff than F21 IMO.

    Thanks for the laugh, I about cried from laughing when I read you tried fitting your body into a leg hole...and of course when you called your boobs "overflowing cups" lol.

  3. I am so sorry you did not have any luck! Sarah Elizabeth is right, Modcloth is an awesome place to buy dresses! My favorite online store!

  4. Haha the romper ordeal is definitely something I'd do.


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