Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kittens Galore

I'm kind of sad today.  Two of the kittens are going to new homes.  Lavender, my favorite, being one of them.  I would have so loved to make her ours but the two we have now would probably never speak to us again.  

So I snapped some pictures of them while I had the chance!
This is Lavender.  Her favorite spot was my lap.

Simon.  The only boy of the group and the only one the in-laws are keeping. 

Tallulah.  The wild one.  And as you can see, the one with the most personality.

And Sage.  The most reserved of the four.

I was so sad last night when we went to his parent's house and Lavender wasn't there.  But I am glad they're keeping Simon so we can watch him grow.  It's been fun so far to see how quickly they change! 

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