Sunday, September 2, 2012

Letters to Me

Today has been such a lazy day I'm sort of embarrassed by it.  I don't think I've left the couch for more than 10 minutes total.  I watched some Army Wives, took a nap, ate some junk, and watched House on Haunted Hill.  My sweet husband brought me a strip cheese sandwich from Hooters.  My favie.  After three bites it was so cold and greasy I couldn't eat any more.  Disappointing.  Yesterday was a better day.  I had lunch and went grocery shopping for the big game with Mom and Kaylen.   We had chicken wings made with a special sauce, potato salad, cheese dip and a variety of sweet and took it all up to the fire station to watch the game with Daddy and David.  Bama whooped up on beat Michigan 41-14.  Not a bad start for the Tide.  Tomorrow: jeans.  Gotta do it.  Luckily it appears American Eagle is having a sale.  I'm so glad I don't have to work tomorrow!  Yay for short work weeks!

Now please enjoy another edition of Letters to Me:

Dear Alyssa, 
I'm glad you found me!  I saw you coming and knew I was for you.  Your other sweats were starting to look a little ratty with the bleach and paint stains.  I think I will be making you comfortable for a very long time.
Your New Sweatpants

We know you've been visiting some other cat's kittens lately.  The first couple of times you came home smelling funny, we looked past it.
We can't any longer.
And don't even think about bringing one of those flea bitten mutts home.  We know you've thought about it.  You'll recall the only time you've heard us hiss is when you brought a kitten home to "meet us".  That and the time you were holding a human infant.  We'll deal with that later.
You should be ashamed.
-Gus and Dixie

I'm proud of you!  You wore me all night and didn't fall on your face once.  Granted I'm only three inches tall.  Hardly ankle breakers.  Your steps were a bit too small not to look stupid but we'll work on that.
-Your New Heels

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