Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Much?

Hello friends!
I've missed the past TWO Ten on Tuesdays with my girl, Lin because I have a stingy computer hogging husband.  But I can have a few random thoughts on Thursday right?
-Last October I added the Halloween Party mix on my Pandora.  I've been obsessed with it ever since.  And I'm excited that it's September and it's actually in season again!  Makes me want to go to a haunted house!  If you love Halloween like I do, check it out!  Some Thriller, Rock Lobster, Danny Elfman, and Monster Mash.  Awesome.
-This is so me lately.  Props to the husband for finding this for me.
-I went to the doctor and since I was a new patient I had to fill out all the fun paperwork.  It asked "Are you pregnant or breastfeeding" and I kid you not, in parentheses next to it was "for women only".  Really?  You had to clarify that?  It made me giggle in the waiting room.
-Have you ever thought about starting a completely separate blog, using a fake name and talking about stuff you wouldn't talk about on your regular one?  Work, family, whatever?  I've thought about it.  But if I decide to, you won't know it!
-House update: it's a slow process.  The painting is almost done, one bedroom and two bathrooms to go.  We are getting new doors soon and fixing up my little laundry closet.  I'm excited about that.  After all of that, comes the floors.  That's a huge undertaking.  Right now, our crowning jewel is our new shower!  I'm so ready to have this house set up.
-I found jeans!  Two pair in fact.  Thank you American Eagle.  I know.  Super exciting.
-One of my in-law's cats had kittens five weeks ago.  They are precious.  Four of them.  One orange, one gray and two striped like mom.  I've taken the liberty of naming them.  The orange (that they are keeping) is Simon.  The gray (my favorite) is Lavender.  And the two stripes are Tallulah and Sage.  Sage because she looks the most like mom whose name is Ginger.  Get it?  Staying in the spice family.  I'm going to be one sad woman when they leave.  =(
-A lovely coworker posted a link to this video on my facebook.  She knows what I like.  And if you're tired of my posting cat stuff....I hate it.

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  1. Damn those computer stingy husbands, haha, mine's the same way. I guess it's a good thing it's a weekly link up, huh? Maybe you can even join us for Random Thursdays some day :)

    I'm not even going to lie, I've been listening to my Halloween station too. Occasionally I'll even switch over to the Christmas station (I know, crazy). That sweatpants & hoodie photo totally made me laugh out loud. Hope you dont mind if I steal it for my 10 on Tues.


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