Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday FINALLY

It's Tuesday and I'm already ready for this week to be over.  But 10 on Tuesday is always something to look forward to!  Link up with Lin to play!
1. So obviously today was September 11th and since I don't own any red, white and blue shirts, I wore my angel/firefighter pin.  That's something that hurts my heart.  Thinking of the firefighters that walked into hell and it didn't come out just because it was their job.  Hug a firefighter!  I'll hug mine! 
2.  My bff, Jamie posted this on my wall.  Made my day. 
3. I got to thinking....what would happen if you overdosed on birth control pills?  Anything?  Just curious.
4. My grandmother is terribly upset because her/our nearly 20 year old cat, Graybaby, disappeared a few days ago.  I don't even want to think about what might have happened to her.  I prefer to believe that she just knew it was coming and simply wandered away to die like they do.  But I'm so glad I got pictures of her a couple of weeks ago.
5. The house is still coming along but we had a few minor setbacks last night.  The color I picked for the guest bath was hideous so I have to rethink that whole room.  We went to seal the crawl space under the porch to stop it from leaking and found two holes that now have to be filled in with concrete.  And the gorgeous chandelier we bought for the foyer didn't work so we had to return it and get another one.  Le sigh.
6. Dude, I had a medium iced mocha latte with sugar yesterday and it lit me UP.  I was shaking, couldn't sit still, couldn't quit talking, heart racing, breathing like I just won a jump rope competition, bouncing off the frickin walls. 
And then I crashed.  And it was bad.  I think I'll try decaf next time.
7. Dancing with the Stars is coming up and I'm so excited!  I just hate that they put my sweet Irishman with this trash.
8. The husband and I might have figured out what we'll do for Halloween.  A devil and an angel.  Him being the angel.  I thought it would be fun and easy to put together.  I see myself in red sequins.  =)
9. I told you I was going to my first Alabama game Saturday and it was AWESOME!  I sat with dad and we had hotdogs and awesome seats three rows from the top.  I forgot how electrifying games are! 
10.  I'm absolutely obsessed with this song.  I go double platinum to it in the car.  The video is cheesy, but then again...what country video isn't?


  1. 1. Believe me sweets, if I saw a hot fireman I'd most definitely hug him ;)
    2. Bahaha, yes!
    3. I asked my doctor that once & he said all that'd happen is you'd get REALLY hormonal & prob miss your period. No biggy.
    4. Aw, that sucks. I hope it comes back soon.
    5. Oh the joys of being a homeowner haha.
    6. I'm so jealous that that lil bit of caffeine did that to you. I could prob eat coffee beans & barely get a high :(
    7. Dude, this show's still on? Havent seen it since like the 4th season. Gonna have to see who's on this year.
    8. Cute! I havent dressed up in years. Too lazy.
    9. Glad you had fun!
    10. Hm...had never heard of it but it is actually a pretty catchy little diddy.

    Thanks for linking up! Glad you made it this week :)

  2. I love that you asked your dr. that. Hahah. Glad someone did!


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