Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 on Tuesday - Immodest, Strawberry Blonde Llamas

1. Anyone watch DWTS last night?  I hate that my favorite guys are getting paired with sucky girls.  Looks like Mark will be the next to go.  Boo.

2. This might be the longest work week in recorded history, just because I know the beach is on the other end.

3. My dad and I finished painting our guest bathroom last night.  It's a lovely "jalapeno green".  It actually looked really good with the yellow tile.  This is the vibe I'm going for.  Sunny and happy.

 4. My dearest coworker Lauren brought me home-made bread this morning that she made with her family!  Seriously, sooo good.  Makes me want to knead something. 

5. Last night made the 2nd night in a row I've dreamed about Sons of Anarchy.  I think I'm obsessed.  Did you see that mess about Johnny Lewis?  Crazy...

6. Truer words were never spoken.  You know who you are...

7. While in line at city hall today to pay for my garbage pick-up, a man behind me said "Got a question for you: is that what you call strawberry blonde?"  Referring to my hair.  He then asked exactly what I call it because it's beautiful.  THEN made sure I knew he wasn't trying to pick me up because he's old enough to be my grandfather.  FYI, I said I call it "brownish-red".

8. We set a date to carve/glitterfly pumpkins with Tristan (and David and Tracie)!  I'm so excited!  It's a tradition and it's something I really look forward to every year!

9. I don't know why, but this struck me terribly funny.

10. You know when you're in bed and you're in that weird place where you're neither completely awake or asleep, but you're mind keeps on churning out thoughts?  While in that place last night, I thought that I want my daughter to be equal parts Scarlett and Melanie from Gone with the Wind.  I'll expand on that later.

You should link up with Lin to play along.  Seriously, you should.

I hope everyone is having a FANTABULOUS week!


  1. 1. Havent watched this show in years. Is that Bristol Palin? Ugh. I definitely wont be watching now.
    2. Why is it that the week always seems longer when you have something awesome on the weekend? Lame.
    3. Love that vibe. I hate our drab white walled bathroom. Stupid rented house.
    5. I could find worse things to dream about. Hopefully it was Jax or Opie who were the main characters in your dreams. They're hot.
    6. Ha, that's awesome.
    7. Well that was sweet of him. I love that he had to make a point to say he wasnt trying to hit on you haha. I have to agree with him though, your hair color is really pretty.
    8. Yay!
    9. Bahaha!
    10. Yes. If my daughter could have Scarlet's looks & Melanie's attitude, now that would be awesome. Can't wait to read more about this whole thing.

    Thanks for linking up!


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