Saturday, October 13, 2012

A ROCKIN' Early Birthday Gift!

I am SO excited right now!
Last night my family and I went to Sumo to eat and as we were waiting Mom gives Chris a weird look and says "Oh, Chris!  I forgot that paper I was supposed to bring you from work!"  Random but whatever.  My mother's not very subtle.  She then exclaims "OH, Chris!  Did you see this text I got today at work?!" and hands him her phone.  He just says unenthusiastically "yea, that's neat".  He lets me see it and it's a receipt for six tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra for my birthday in December!!  I was so surprised!!  My parents took me to see it the first time for my 19th birthday, six years ago when Chris was deployed.  I'm equally excited for him to get to experience it.  I just can't explain well enough how powerful it is!  If you listen to the 24-7 Christmas station on the radio like I do starting in November, you've no doubt heard their music.  Wizards in Winter is probably their most popular.  
What an awesome early birthday gift!!  Now I can't WAIT for December 12th to get here!

But I have to enjoy the rest of the Halloween season before then!  Today we're going to pick out pumpkins and decorate them with David, Tracie and Tristan!  We made a trip to Michaels last night to get supplies.  I have a plan for mine and I hope it works out as well as it did last year!  And our costumes were delivered yesterday too!  I'm just a ball of excitement.  

What I'm not excited about right now: 
-how my stomach feels after eating a whole take-home container of shrimp sauce from Sumo last night.  It's too good to stop!
-Having to take the kids to the vet tomorrow morning at 8.  Always an adventure.

If you haven't heard Trans-Siberian Orchestra, take a gander!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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