Monday, October 8, 2012

Equal Parts Scarlett and Melanie

It's no secret that Gone with the Wind is one of my two favorite movies (Titanic being the other).  When I was in 7th grade, I would come home from school every single day and watch this movie.  Not the whole movie every single day because it is about four hours long.  But I would just start wherever I left off the day before.  It was never ending!

With babies being a daily topic of conversation, I've been thinking about the name Scarlett for a little girl.  I love it.  It's beautiful, feminine, and undeniably Southern.  And that got me to thinking about what characters from my favorite movie I would want our hypothetical daughter to be like.  In my mind she would be perfect if she were equal parts Scarlett O'Hara and Melanie Hamilton.

First there's Scarlett.  The heroine.  The star.  The beauty.  She's "so attractive the men just naturally flock to her".  With her tiny waist, deep green eyes and perfectly arched brows (le sigh) she's stunning to behold.  Underneath her perfect, ladylike appearance, there's a lion.  She's smart, resourceful and always dependable.  When her mother died and she was in danger of losing her family's home, she pushed up her sleeves, picked cotton, and wheeled and dealed (not always with the best people).  She shamelessly did whatever it took to keep her beloved Tara and provide for the people who depended on her.  She was a survivor.  I like to think that all Southern women have a little Scarlett in them.

And then there's Melanie.  Meek, mousy and sickeningly sweet.  She's not the prettiest girl in the room but she greets everyone she meets with a genuine smile and a kind word.  Her husband says that no one could ever accuse her of being insincere.  You wish you knew her in real life!  She refuses to see anything but the best in people.  Especially the people she loves.  She's fiercely loyal.  When  BFF Scarlett is accused of having an affair with her husband, Melanie refuses to believe it and at the risk of her own reputation defends Scarlett publicly.  On her death bed Rhett makes the remark that she won't live because she never had Scarlett's strength.  "She never had anything but heart."   

See what I mean?! I wouldn't want to have a daughter that's all Scarlett or all Melanie.  I just asked Chris if/when we have a daughter which woman would he rather her be like, Scarlett of Melanie.  He said "who's Melanie".  Clearly we need to watch it again.  If you've seen the movie, which character did you prefer?  If you haven't seen the movie...'re a communist.
Just kidding. 
But really.  Take an afternoon to watch the movie and tell me what you think!


  1. Scarlett for sure. And a teensy bit Melanie. But just a teensy bit.

  2. Love this movie! I'd have to say Scarlet because she's just hot, then again she's a total bitch...

    Damn, this is tough.

  3. Scarlett! for sure.
    I love that you put so much thought into, you're little girl will feel really special with whatever name you do decide on.

  4. That is my Mom's favorite movie, and she's always said that Scarlett was her childhood hero, she wanted to grow up to be just like her. You can guess the kind of lady my mom is...we describe her politely as "small but powerful". :P


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