Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - DEAD Tired

 1. I love this family photo from Jack Osbourne's wedding!  Ozzy looks so happy!

2. I'm excited about TV watching tonight!  On DWTS they're doing a team dance to Gangnam Style!  AND I have a feeling that someone is going to die on SOA.  Very exciting.

3. I discovered a new Pandora station: Halloween Theme (Main Title).  Good for getting you in the spooky spirit!  Seriously, there's a few that actually had me creeped out sitting at my desk.  "Carnival of Lost Souls" is one of them.

4. I'm gonna need you to stop:

5. I am DEAD tired from work.  My back is hurting from being hunched over my keyboard like Quasimodo.  But I'm getting overtime!  Ching ching!

6. My next post will be a special one.  You'll see why.

7. Speaking of work, tonight we ordered two large stuffed crust pizzas to the office.  Best work day ever.

8. Thought this was cool.  You kind of see how some of the actors might have influenced the artists!

9.  I think I like the name Diego.  Has Dora the Explorer ruined that name?

10.  I can't wait for Friday because we're going to Sloss Fright Furnace!  It's an AWESOME haunted house but it's supposedly really haunted.  Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness have been there.  I've always wanted to take a tour in the off-season.  Go read the stories!

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  1. I met a Diego last week-he was gorgeous! Totally didn't think about Dora when I saw him LOL

    At least it's a built in Halloween costume?

  2. 1. I saw that photo a few weeks ago & thought it was the cutest.
    3. That song is totally creepy.
    5. As much as overtime sucks, that time & a half is always nice. Wish they offered it more at my job.
    6. Ooh...I'm intrigued.
    8. Ha, that's pretty cool. They're all so handsome.
    9. Kind of but I'd still use it. My brother has a friend named Diego, he's a cutie.
    10. Eeek! I love places like this. We went to Queen Mary in Long Beach a few years ago for their Halloween Horror Fest, it was pretty awesome to know it was really haunted.


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