Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - DWTS, Frankenstorm, and Mr. Chicken

 1. I was sorely disappointed there was no Halloween Night on DWTS.  Instead it was Country Night.  It was entertaining as always, but I was really looking forward to Halloween songs!  Last year's was my favorite episode by far!
2. I'm so thankful that at almost 25 years told I still have a mommy that babies me.  Friday when I was sick she came into work to get me like she was checking me out of elementary school.
3. My kitchen is getting closer to my dream turquoise kitchen everyday!  I can't wait to share pictures!
4 Tomorrow my team at work is dressing up and having a mini Halloween party and I'm so excited!  I'm glad I have fun coworkers!

5. This post about Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren absolutely fascinates me.  The Birds is one of my faves.

6. I'm wicked excited about SOA tonight.  I hope they don't kill Juice.  I think they're going to kill Juice.  I might have to chain myself to a tree in protest if they kill Juice.

7. People were actually posting this shot as if it were a real picture of Hurricane Sandy.  What morons!  It's The Day After Tomorrow!

8. I heard Seaside Heights got slammed in the storm last night.  I wonder if the Shore Store made it out ok...

9. Anyone watch Breaking Bad and/or hate Taylor Swift?

10. If anyone is looking for a cute/quirky halloween movie, look no further than The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!  My sister, daddy and I used to watch it every year!

I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Halloween! 


  1. I totally forgot about them doing a Halloween special on DWTS last year..it was fun!! Loved the country night though..who is your fav to win? I totally don't know..so many are SO good..but Giles seems to nail all the dances!

  2. I think Gilles is the font runner right now!

  3. 2. Oh my gosh, that's so sweet! My mom babies me too but sometimes she can be a bit overbearing. It's like 'let me breathe lady!' haha. Hope you're feeling better.
    3. Aw, cant wait to see it!
    4. My workplace is so lame, no one dressed up or even put on a halloween tshirt except me.
    5. Tippie was a total hottie. That movie creeped me out so bad when I saw it in the 5th grade. Speaking of the movie, did you catch last Sunday's episode of 666 Park Avenue? The main actress went as her for Halloween, it was really cool.
    6. I would have been SO pissed if they'd kill him off. Glad he's still alive...for how long though, who knows? Hope Clay goes soon cause he's a big pain in the ass.
    9. Haha! Taylor Swift gets on my nerves. She was cute for a while but now anymore.
    10. I used to love Don Knotts. He'll forever be Mr. Furly to me :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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