Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - Everyone is Happy!

1. The weather feels glorious this morning!  When I left for work it was 45 degrees.  I'm so glad the hot weather is OVER!

2. I truly hate Natalie Portman's new hair.  She's too pretty for that brassy blonde.  I wish she's go back to a pixie cut.

3. Tomorrow is my share day with my team at work.  They don't know it yet but I brought a little bit of the beach home with me just for them!

4. I was talking about little girl names in my last post.  A name that I'm falling in love with, but my husband thinks I'm crazy for...is Tallulah.  If I was to miraculously give birth to a girl tomorrow, she'd be Tallulah.
5. The night we got home from the beach, I unpacked, got cozy and watched The Shining.  Probably my 2nd fave horror movie.  Jack Nicholson is awesome in this movie.  But he's kinda crazy anyway so it probably wasn't much of a stretch for him.  What's your favorite horror movie?
6. I think everyone in Hueytown took happy pills this morning.  I went to two banks and Taco Bell on lunch and everyone was so nice to me!  This older gentlemen in line at the bank held the door for me and then told me to in line ahead of him because he was retired and had nothing else to do!

7.  I've been watching Breaking Amish on TLC.  Very interesting but my heart just breaks for them!  If you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch, just catch it from the beginning.

8.  Does it mean you're getting old when you watch movies or TV shows and you sympathize more with the adults than the teenagers?

9.  Watch DWTS last night?!  I might just be Team Olympian this year!  I loved Shawn and Apollo's dances!  And Bristol, Bristol, Bristol...time for you to go. 

10.  For your cat-loving entertainment.  =)

I hope everyone is having as good a day as everyone is Hueytown is apparently having!

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  1. i prefer natalie's dark hair too!
    have you ever watched Thailand or japaness horror movies? i think they're so so so scary.

    i wish everyday is a happy day here where iam right now, because people seem to act careless in this town, no jungle.

    1. You know, I've never seen a foreign horror. Japanese scary movies are ALWAYS on the "scariest" or "most disturbing" movie lists!

  2. 2. WTF did she do to her hair? Ugh. No, I don't approve.
    5. Such a great movie. I have a few favorite horror movies, pretty hard to narrow it down but I really enjoy The Crazies. Can watch that one over & over. Although I'm not sure it's 'horror'.
    8. Yes. And I'm totally old.

    Thanks for linking up! I always get a kick out of your 10.


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