Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday - Cat Sweaters? I Think So

Oh another Tuesday, another 10.  Link up with Linny to create your own!

1. This time change is throwing me the heck off.  But I don't really mind it because at 6 o'clock when I'm all "crap!  I still haven't done this and watched that and it's so late!" ...it's still early!

2. Millie @ Smothered with Love posted this awesome cat sweater!  I would absolutely wear this. 

3. Speaking of cat sweaters, my coworker came in yesterday in a cute one from Forever21.  Are cats as popular as owls now?  Because if they are I SO loved them before they were cool.

4. I'm proudly sporting my "I Voted" sticker!  Yay for elections being over!!  

5. Yesterday in the waiting room at the dr. this sweet young black guy with special needs came and sat next to me and asked me how I was doing, my name, how old I was.  His name was Patrick and his 18th birthday is today.  When his grandmother came and got him, he gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek.  As they walked away his grandmother said "oh, you're giving out free hugs today?  is that it?"  Haha.  Absolutely made my day so much better.  So Happy Birthday to Patrick wherever he is!

6. Yesterday after the dr. I went to get my eyes checked.  First time in at least 5 years.  I forgot how trippy you look when they dialate your eyes.  My mother took a picture but it's too embarrassing.

7. I think I'll ask Santa nicely for something like this for Christmas.
 8. Since I was too sick to join in the fun at Christmas Village Saturday, my grandmother got me the cutest cat salt and pepper shaker set.  One was gray with a pink nose like Gus and the other is calico like Dixie!

9 This is how I felt this morning when I was still under the influence of the new meds from the doc.  Took a good 2-3 hours into work to wear off.

10. I'm really enjoying reading some new blogs through the ladies that have participated in the Liebster Awards!

I hope everyone has a good week.  Only 3 more days til the weekend!


  1. The cat sweater - LOL and awesome! :)

  2. Is there a link to that cat sweater to buy it??
    I need it..


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