Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letters To Me

Dear Alyssa,
Remember a few years ago when you made fun of a co-worker on her 25th birthday for being "a quarter of a century old"?  JOKES ON YOU!  See ya next month!
Your 25th Birthday


My Dear Alyssa, 
I know you're exhausted but I really appreciate all the extra hours you're logging in.  It will be worth it when you  buy yourself a new pair of boots and you don't feel guilty about it.  Keep up the hard work!
-Your Bank Account
PS.  Do you really need Taco Bell three times a week?  Couldn't you brown bag it a few days?


You need to lay off the pizza.  Do you know how greasy that is?!  Do you even care???  Delicious?  Sure.  But fattening??  You bet your expanding butt.  You are definitely going to get fat.
Your Jeans

We should hang out more.
-Your Bed

1 comment:

  1. happy early birthday. i'll be 24 next year, and i already don't know how i feel about that. jeez.

    my bed definitely gonna say the same thing to me as i haven't seen it in like 2,5 months.


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