Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

I trust everyone is having a wonderful long weekend!  Thanksgiving with the family was great.  Lots of food and memories made.  Kaylen even made Maw's chocolate cake.  It was perfect and tasted just like hers.  I love Thanksgiving.  Everything about it.  The wide variety of homemade food, the togetherness, even the family pictures!  We didn't take one with just our branch because we weren't exactly complete.  At the last minute Dad couldn't get off from the station because someone called in sick.  So that was the only rain cloud on our parade.

Yesterday was fun as well.  I decided that there was nothing I needed bad enough to get me out in the middle of the night with all the Black Friday crazies.  Instead we all got up at a decent time, got lunch at McAllister's and got to the mall around noon.  It turned out great!  Chris and I ordered an oven from Sears at a good price.  That was our goal for the day.  And it was pretty quick and painless.  American Eagle was having a good sale so I got a couple of Christmas gifts and then some loot for us just for fun.  Four women's shirts, one men's button up and three pairs of boxers for $89.  I thought that was pretty good!  We walked around and people watched some and then went home unscathed with our goodies.  Dad and I got the tree up and ready to decorate and we finally got around to watching The Ghost and Mr. Chicken together.  A little late for Halloween but that's ok.  
Have a mentioned that I love this time of year?  I have?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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