Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 on Tuesday - Festive, Pregnant Parrots

1. We started Secret Santa at work and I've got two gifts already!  Yesterday was a cute tin filled with gloves, fuzzy Christmas socks, hair-tie lollipop, Kahlua coffee and a Christmas brownie that I ate shortly after recieving it.  
Today was this adorable Christmas bracelet!  I got a great partner!  Can't wait til the big reveal!

2. I have found a new happy place in this blog.  It's perfect!  I might have submitted my babies' pictures for their weekly Caturday posts...  

3. Have you heard the news?!  Kate Middleton is pregnant!  I hope it's a girl and Will names her after his Mama.
 4. The husband and I love watching the show Nashville, but please, can we stop having to pretend that Hayden Panettiere is hott?  It's not working.

5. I can NOT stop watching this video!  Seriously, SO funny!

6. This morning my mom came running to me saying "Bobby is trying to get in the garage and your cats are trying to get Bobby!  Do something!"  So I'm like "WHY are my cats trying to get Bobby and WHY are you letting a man in the house while I'm a bath towel?!"
I forgot that Bobbi is my grandmother's new cat. 

7. One week and a day until Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!

8. Tonight is the season finale of Sons and I'm so sad!  We lose DWTS and Sons at the same time.  What are we going to do with our Mondays and Tuesdays??  I hope Jax cuts his hair again in the next season.  Holla!

 9. As we speak I'm eating the most delicious red velvet cake.  Jealous?

10. They're = They are
Their shows pocession.
It's really not that hard.

Normally I would say "Link up with Linny!" but this today we're linking up with AmberKeep Linny in your thoughts and prayers this week!

Three weeks til Christmas! 


  1. sadly, I do not watch any of the shows you've mentioned here but I hope I'm not missing out.

    have a great holiday.

    1. Nashville I can go either way on but you're missing out on Sons of Anarchy! If you need a new addiction you should watch Season 1 on Netflix!

  2. 1. Oh wow, I dont think I've ever gotten secret santa gifts as cool as these.
    3. I honestly didnt think I'd care but I'm actually really happy for them. Fingers crossed that it's a girl.
    4. Never seen that show because I cant stand that bish. Also, she's totally NOT hot.
    5. Ha!
    6. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious.
    8. Agreed. Dude is hot but he's WAY hotter with short hair.
    9. Yes
    10. Word. Get it right people.

    Thanks for the love, sweets :) Glad you linked up & gave me something to preoccupy myself with.

  3. Yummy I just love red velvet cake! It is my favorite


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