Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 on WEDNESDAY - Ron Perlman is a Teddy Bear

1. I'm ready for Anne Hathaway to grow her hair back out.

2. Monday my Secret Santa got me two tabloids, a Dove chocolate bar and a Dr. Pepper.  Yesterday was some lip balm, a card and some catnip mice toys for the kids.  Again I say, best Secret Santa EVER.  Today is the big reveal!

3. This is me this week.  Blah with a dash of snarky.

4. I realized something about myself today.  I have a crush on Seth McFarlane.  He's handsome, has a velvety smooth voice and he's hilarious.  If we were married and were arguing, all he'd have to do is bust out the Stewie voice.  Argument over.  I'd be laughing too hard to be mad.

5. Now about my real husband.  We are SO doing this mail box.  No joke.

6. In case you missed it in the middle of my post cats are famous.  See here.

7. Last night I worked late and hubby surprised me with Taco Bell!  Nothing says love like cheesy fiesta potatoes. 

8. I bet Ron Perlman is a teddy bear.

9. Been thinking about it and the only thing left to say about CT is that there IS nothing to say that's good enough.  That's why I was silent yesterday.  It seemed appropriate.  I think it goes so much deeper than gun control or mental diseases that I honestly don't care to go into it.  There ya go.

10.  And because every Ten has to have a cat:

Link up with Linny AND Amber to play along!

Everyone have a happy, peaceful, laughter-filled, WONDERFUL rest of the week.


  1. I love Secret Santas!!!! I didn't do one this year (boo), so I'm living vicariously through you.

    Also, that is the best picture--- I can't brain, I have the dumb!

  2. 1. Agreed. She has too nice of hair to not flaunt that shit.
    2. Um...that's one bad ass Secret Santa.
    3. Yes. That's totally me today.
    4. Haha, I never really thought about it but yeah, he is pretty good looking. There are rumors he's gay because he's so clean cut all the time :/ Whatever, I love Family Guy!
    5. Aw, that's so cute.
    7. Now that's my kind of love.
    8. I've always said that big burly guys are always the sweetest, my husband's totally one of them.
    10. Haha!

    Thanks for always participating & making me laugh. Sorry my commenting's been late but this whole months had me off my 'blogging game'.


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