Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions - Just Not Mine

 I've said before that I just don't do New Years Resolutions anymore.  I never keep them.  Three years ago it was to work out more.  That's a joke.  I hate working out...or really exerting energy.  Friday night Kaylen and I played Just Dance on the Wii.  After one round of Jump On It I thought I was going to die in the living room.  Two years ago my resolution was to wear more high heels.  Since that time I have bought a whopping one pair...ONE pair of high heels.  I. Don't. Do. Heels.

 So instead of boring you with all the goals I'm not going to keep, I will present to you ten New Years resolutions I wish others would make:

Throw away all MC Hammer pants and sleeveless shirts.  -Justin Bieber

Sing less and focus more on my fragrance line.  -Taylor Swift 

Post fewer political rants and pictures on Facebook.  -Everyone on Facebook. 

Be less of an entitled tool and leave the smoking jackets to Hugh Hefner.  -Scott Disick

Break the habit of sloshing water everywhere and drinking it off the floor instead of just drinking from the bowl in the first place.  -Dixie

Show more emotion and fix my crooked smile.  -Kristen Stewart

Learn to cook and to sing so Alyssa and I can sing harmonies while I make fantastic dinners.  -Chris

Quit drinking, don't cheat on this husband (no matter how good looking my next co-star is), get it together and start making good music again.  -LeAnn Rimes

 Work really hard on growing some money.  -Tree in the front yard

Put in extra hours to get Sons of Anarchy back on TV before September.  Nine months really is too long.  -Kurt Sutter 

There you have it.  So far it looks like Chris and I will be ringing in the new year at a local bar and listening to The Naked Eskimos (an awesome local cover band).  I think I've mentioned them before.  Should be fun.  Make 2013 a good year!
Everyone have a safe and happy New Years Eve!


  1. You make me laugh, thank you!

  2. Hilarious! Great post! This is definitely a post worth sharing, thank you for the laughs. I have two trees in my front yard, perhaps I should read this to them. LOL

    Nicole @ Three 31

    1. Thank you! I read through some of your blog! You have a new reader. =)


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