Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - House Warming, GC and Whores in Glasses

1. Is it just me or does today feel like a repeat of Monday?

2.This is going to be must in our bathroom.  After our first few mornings, we realized we have very little storage space!

3. Kaylen started a new Pinterest board entitled "House Warming".  Wonder who that could be for... =)

4. This video is too stinkin' cute NOT to share!
5. [Shameless plug below!]
If you're in need of some cute shirt pockets or little girl's handmade clothes, please go check out my dear friend, Lauren's new Etsy site!

6. I actually sincerely hope that these two make it down the aisle.  What a gorgeous couple!  Chris got his picture with her at a WWE event and said she's even prettier in person and super sweet.

7. I actually complained to my coworkers yesterday that I got married before Pinterest.  Is that bad?

8. Grumpy cat just does not get old to me.
  9. I heard a rumor that Dunkin Donuts is coming out with a brown batter donut.  I'm trying not to squeal out loud with excitement.

10. Yes!  Exactly!

You know the drill.  Link up with Linny and Amber to play along!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social - Home is Wherever I'm With You

Morning, friends.
It is currently 6:15 a.m. and we have just spent our first night in our new home.  Which is probably why I'm wide awake at 6:15.  It feels weird in a new room and I can't sleep!  Yesterday the two of us, my parents, sister, grandparents and some sweet friends (shout out to Donna and Buddy!) moved the rest of everything we own from our storage unit into our house.  Chris sent me a picture of the empty unit when they had loaded the rest while I worked on the kitchen.
It's very surreal!  I'm in my house.  My home.  There are still a few things we need to do,  blinds being the top priority.  Right now we have a few well placed beach towels in the windows of the bedroom and bathroom.
One thing I've learned tonight is to wear socks when going to bed or have slippers nearby!  Everytime I've gotten up I've been startled by how cool the hardwood floor is on my feet.  I've only ever lived with carpet!
It's starting to get lighter outside so maybe I'll finally get some good sleep!..and try not to think of the little guest room that's full of boxes waiting for me to unpack!
But first, Sunday Social!  Link up with Ashley and Neely to play along this week!
Sunday Social

1. What is your ideal way to relax?
Laying in pajamas with a blanket and a good movie or book.  Cliche but the truth!

2. Where is your favorite place to be?
Honestly?  Laying in pajamas with a blanket and a good movie or book!  Seriously, when I wake up in the morning I'm already thinking about going to bed that night.

3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
The first person that comes to mind is a sweet lady I work with who is a shining example of a Christian woman.  She's a good friend, and unfailingly kind and giving.  She's the kind of person that always has a story to tell...and you want to listen to every single one!
4. What does your life look like in 3 years?
Oh gosh.  Right now I'm very optimistic.  I feel like all the pieces are starting to fit together and I can almost see the whole puzzle.  Like the stones of a path are being laid leading me to my future....or something.
5. If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
I would have bought my skinny jeans in a size up.  I didn't take shrinkage into account.  Seriously though, nothing I would tell.

6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
The house I'm currently sitting in.
I have to leave you with this.  Had it in my head all day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saying "No"...And Not "I'm Sorry".

 Is it a chick thing that we always feel the need to apologize to everyone all the time?  Even if we're not sorry because we didn't do anything to be sorry for, we are constantly saying "I'm sorry" and apologizing for crap.  
I've tried really hard to break myself of the habit of saying it for one good reason:
I'm not really sorry in the situation and I shouldn't be!
In a work environment we might ask someone (maybe someone higher on the totem pole than us, maybe not) a question and then walk away saying "sorry".  Why?  Because we bothered someone for 10 seconds to ask a question that we genuinely needed to know the answer to in order to do our job right?
You shouldn't be sorry for that.
This leads me to another point.  Sometimes it's ok to say "NO" and not give an explanation as to why and NOT be sorry for it.  If someone puts you on the spot and asks for a favor that you really have no desire to do for whatever reason, it's ok to say "I'm not going to be able to do that".  And a million excuses (real or fake) as to why not aren't necessary.
I don't have time...I have to work late...My cat has to have his tonsils out...whatever.
 Maybe you've been super busy all week and the day she asks the favor is the only day you have to sit in your pajamas and watch Netflix.  All the favor-asker needs to know is you're not going to.
You shouldn't be sorry for that.
Let me clarify: I'm not saying NEVER apologize for ANYTHING EVER.  If you hit an old lady with your car in the parking lot at Wal-Mart, please apologize.  Call 911 first, but at some point tell her (or her next of kin) that you're sorry.  Don't say you're not because some awesome blogger told you not to be.

Just some thoughts to ponder this weekend.  =)
This weekend is going to be a big one for us.  I've got to get off the bed, get a shower and get ready to empty our storage unit and move the rest of our earthly possessions into the house!  Very exciting.  Last night while going through some boxes, I found a bag of our magnets.  I put them on the fridge so I guess you could say they were our first pieces of decor in the new home. 

Everyone have an exciting (or relaxing) weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 on Tuesday - Pregnancy, Pugs and a Serious Sugar Rush

1. I think everyone and their brother (or sister rather) is pregnant.

2.The husband and I had an impromptu shopping/dinner date last night.  I was in Forever21 for an hour, tried on eight tops and walked away with one shirt that I tried on and one that was on clearance at the cash register.  I love it but that place frustrates me...

3. No matter how many times I see this movie, this one part never gets old.

4. You know those cakes they have at baby showers that are in the shape of a pregnant belly?  I've decided I don't like those.  They creep me out.

5. Have you seen this?  Seriously.  So funny.  Don't watch the Twilight versions.  It makes the acting looking even worse than that movies already do.

6. Against my better judgement I had a vanilla chai from Dunkin after two pieces of inside out red velvet cake.  This time instead of bouncing off the walls and then crashing back down to earth, I skipped the first part and went straight to the crash. 

 7. Ha.

8. So apparently everyone's favorite train wreck, Lindsay Lohan, turned down Dancing with the Stars because reality TV is beneath her.  Please join my in saying a big ole' "AS IF." 

9. This face that this kid does, makes me want to punch a baby.  CANNOT stand it. (Sorry, Lauren.)

10. I've been joining giveaways like crazy on here.  If you follow me on twitter (@MrsWhitt428) I apologize.  Every. Single. One of them is about a giveaway!

Link up with Linny and Amber to play along and
have a great week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

I'm starting to not hurt quite so bad after my spill Wednesday night!  I'm almost at the point where I can bend over enough to touch the floor.  Ha.  That's awful.
Yesterday Chris and I moved the first load of boxes from our storage unit to the house!  It's amazing the things you find or forgot you had when you haven't seen any of it in almost three years.  For instance I had no idea we had a mini crystal chandelier!  A wedding gift we couldn't use in our apartment no doubt.  But lately I've been thinking about putting one in a spare bedroom.  So thank you to whoever gave us the chandelier!
Today we're hopefully going to get a few more loads over.  Maybe even some furniture!  Who knows!  We might just get crazy!
Hopefully after all that I'll have time tonight to hop over to Forever21.  I've got a gift card that's burning a frickin' hole in my pocket.

And now Sunday Social!:

Sunday Social
1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food:
Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza, supreme minus onions and mushrooms and add black olives. (It must be that specific for it to be a "favorite".)  Then pasta (everything but regular old spaghetti) and shrimp.

2. First 3 things you do in the morning:
Hit the snooze once, grab my bath wrap and  a pair of clean underwear, and hit the bathroom.

3. Last 3 things you do at night:
Lately it's been take my medicine, write in my journal then set my alarm for the next morning. [Side note - I'm really liking my new journal!]

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss:
When they're on, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family, and DWTS.

5. 3 places you want to visit:
NYC, Paris, and Germany (I'd love to see all things historical here).

6. 3 people you can always count on:
Chris to love me, Daddy to give good advice, and Kaylen to cheer me up.

I remember when I did my first Sunday Social I said I wasn't gong to make it a weekly thing, but I'm glad I have!  This has been a wonderful link-up to "meet" some sweet bloggers!  Link up with Neely and/or Ashley to join in! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

That Time it Got Really Cold in Alabama

It's been an interesting couple of days.  And by interesting I mean painful and at times terrifying.  

Winter has officially come to the deep south.  Wednesday night I was leaving Chris' parent's house and slipped on some ice on their wooden front porch steps.  Two to four steps from the bottom my feet went out from under me and I landed, quite hard I might add on my tailbone and back.  I slid the rest of the way til I ended up on the sidewalk.  It was the kind of pain that knocks the wind out of you and temporarily stuns you til you realize you can in fact still feel feelings and you're not paralyzed or dying.  I screamed for Chris twice (don't know how I didn't wake up the whole dang neighborhood) and just rolled over in the grass.  Chris came running outside and found me at the bottom of the steps moaning (pitifully, I'm sure).  I just lay there like a slug for a few minutes until I got my breath back.  Two days later I have lovely bruises on my tailbone, back and forearm and it just aches all over.  You better believe last night while going down the same steps I never had less than three points of contact at all times.  Clumsy and ice just don't mix.

Yesterday the forecast said we would get a few flurries and some "accumulation on grassy areas".  We had fun watching it at work for a little while!  This was me at 12:30:
 An hour later it wasn't so fun anymore.  By 1 o'clock the snow was really falling hard and "accumulating" EVERYWHERE.  We live in ALABAMA.  Naturally we panic.  Everyone started to leave work at the same time for fear of being snowed in at work.  I tried driving and didn't even make it out of the parking lot.  Luckily Dad was at work with me in his truck.  I figured if anybody could drive in this, it was him.  I left Rosie (my car) at work and we started the journey home.  Pulling out of the parking lot his tires were just spinning and we were sliding all over the place.  I was absolutely terrified we were going to go off the road and into a ditch.  A 4 minute drive turned into 30 and the only reason it was that quick was because a good Samaritan with a 4-wheel drive and a chain pulled us up the hill we were stuck on.  By the time we got home my nerves were absolutely shot.  

I've decided next time I see anything that remotely resembles a "flurry" I'm taking my happy butt and staying there.  Our friend, Matt posted this on facebook yesterday and it's perfect.  We southerners are just not built for this!

Everyone have a safe and warm weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Humidity Sucks


1. This is how STUPID the weather has been since about Thursday:

2. Last night I hopped on my broom and unfairly flew all over Chris.  I apologized for "acting crazy" later.  His response?  "You have a vagina.  You can't help it."  I'm so glad he understands...

3. For the 3rd time in one week I missed an award show.  BUT I did get caught up on the red carpet showing!  I created a Pinterest page just for my favorite red carpet moments if you want to see my other top picks.  But for now here's my nominees for best and worst dressed from the Golden Globes:
Really.  What WAS Sienna Miller thinking?

4. I am just not domestic.  I'm realizing this more and more.  I'm not good at cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, anything like that.  My office mates (and dear friends) have been bringing in homemade cakes and knitted scarves and I'm all like "I'm good at jigsaw puzzles!"

5. If we learned anything from the Golden Globes it's that Adele > Taylor Swift. 

6. Chris and I bought the 1st season of American Horror Story last week and we're watching the season finale tonight.  The first season is MILES better than the second.

7. Yes.  You like going to the gym.  I get it.  But do you have to announce it on facebook everytime you go and make the rest of us piggies feel bad?

8. You know what movie I watched last night for the first time?  A Few Good Men.  Pretty good movie.  My favorite clip went like this: 
-Those Marines are fanatical.
-About what?
-About being Marines.
Pretty much.

9. So dramatic.

10.  I just have to brag on my dad.  The other morning Daddy, Kaylen and I were watching the Miss America pageant.  Miss Alabama was pretty but nothing special.  Dad said "There's GOT to be prettier girls in this state!  I've got TWO sitting on this couch!"  Aw..thanks, Daddy! 

Link up with Linny and Amber to make you own Ten on Tuesday!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Social - All About Blogs

Morning, Friends.
Today is a special day because my "baby" sister turns 19!  So Happy Birthday to Kaylen!  Yesterday afternoon Kaylen, Mom and I went and got our nails done together.  I hadn't so much as been to a nail salon since I got married so I was kind of excited.  I got the "spa manicure" and the little woman almost put me to sleep massaging me arms.  

Last night after dinner with friends we stopped by Barnes and Nobles because on a whim I decided I needed a new journal to start writing in again.  And Barnes and Nobles has such pretty ones!...and expensive ones.  I was going to say "forget it, I can write in a steno pad" but Chris persuaded me to get a brown Italian leather notebook with a little leather rope to close it because he knew I liked it.  So $35 later I have a new journal.  My way of thinking is that if it's pretty it'll make me want to write in it more.  At least that's what I'm telling myself to justify spending $35 on a glorified NOTEBOOK.  Dang Italians and their pretty leather...

And now onto Sunday Social!  This week is all about our individual blogs.  An introduction of sorts.  I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's answers to these!  Link up with Ashley and Neely to play along!

Sunday Social

1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?
Two-Thirds Scarlett (formerly Southern Charm) and I started this blog in 2009 but really kicked it into gear in 2010.
2. Why do you blog?
Just for fun.  It's nice to have your own little space.  And I really enjoying finding new blogs and "meeting" new people from different walks of life.
3. What is the first blog you ever followed?
Oh gosh.  I don't exactly remember but I wouldn't be surprised if it was A Cup of Jo.

4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2012?
One of them is this post that inspired the blog name change.  The other is this one.  It's not the happiest but it's the most heart felt and personal thing I think I've posted.

5. What are your blogging goals for 2013?
Comment more!  I'm such a lurker.

6. Name your top 3 favorite blogs.
Right now it's Girl in Beta, Catsparella (a woman after my own heart) and Sometimes Sweet.

Tonight is dinner with the nearest and dearest in Tuscaloosa for Kaylen's birthday.  I do believe she's going to like what we got her.  And is it bad that I'm also looking forward to tonight know there's going to be cake?  I didn't think so.

Have a wonderful last day of the weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Critic's Choice Awards - My Picks

I was so bitterly disappointed with the fashion at the People's Choice Awards that I'm not even going to post pictures. I'm just going to say that Kaley Cuoco always looks like she's going to her junior prom and Taylor Swift needs to realize she's not Victoria Beckham and stop taking herself so dang seriously.  Gees.
Thank heavens there was also the Critic's Choice Awards.  Finally something to get excited about!  Here's my list of top hits and misses:
HIT: Anna Hathaway in Oscar de la Renta.  Simply chic.
MISS: Emily Blunt in Mis Miu.  I actually hate this.  And I can't put my finger on why...

HIT: Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera.  Oh. My. Stars.  I love everything about this dress!  The deep color, the sheer neck, the SPARKLES!  Ahh...perfection.
MISS: Jessica Chastain in Prada.  This is Prada?  Looks like an off the rack prom dress.
HIT: Helen Hunt in Philip Armstrong.  I saw this on more than one "worst dressed" list and I'm  not sure why!  I think this color and cut looks great on her!  I reminds me off Emma Stone's dress at the 2011 Golden Globes.
MISS:Leslie Mann in Honor.  This just makes me go....wuuhh?
HIT: Jennifer Lawrence in Prabal Gurung.  HOT!  I love the draping and the belt.
HIT: Clea Duvall in Tadashi Shoji.  I'm such a sucker for white, grecian dresses. 
Awards Season is upon us!  And not a moment too soon.  What were some of your favorites from last night?  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Butter, PMS, and Llamas

1. I went on a cleaning spree over the weekend and threw away a huge stack of magazinesThere were tabloids with headlines about Kim K's "fairytale wedding".  My how time flies when you're a money grubbing whore...

2. I cannot stop eating junk lately.  Sunday night Kaylen and I made chocolate chip cookies for no other reason than to eat the batter before baking them.  My mouth watered when she mixed the sugar and butter together.

3. The Alabama Crimson Tide won the BCS National Championchip last night!  Roll Tide, suckers.  But the big news was the announcers drooling over our QB's pageant queen girlfriend.  TMZ agrees.  

4. Love these.

5. I'm going to shoot my co-worker for introducing me to Jigsaw World.  The other night I thought "I should quit playing because it's probably close to midnight by now".  It was 1:30.  Yeah, it's like that.

6. I have thought no less than three of these thoughts in the past two days:

7. Does anyone know what they're doing for their hubby for V-Day?  I usually get Chris cutesy boxers but I feel this year I need to step it up.

8. Thought I'd let you see how the kitchen is coming along.  =)

9.  Chris is as we "speak" making me watch WWE.  I'm PMSing like a boss and he's making me watch this crap.  This does not bode well for the boy.

10.  I don't know why this is so funny to me...

In case you couldn't tell, I'm not in the greatest of moods tonight.  It's about time to pop a midol and watch a chick flick.  Maybe eat some cake too.
Pleeeease link up with Linny this week to make your own Ten on Tuesday.  Compiling mine always cheers me up.  =)
Later, losers.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Social

I hope everyone had a good first week of the New Year!   It was back to work for me (yay) and a sore throat.  I hope that crap about how you start your new year is how you'll end it is bogus.  Today will probably be another lazy day.  Well, yesterday wasn't completely lazy.  Dad and I got up and cleaned out my garage and made a trip to the dump.  It was actually kinda fun.  I'd never been before so I didn't know that the process included taking all the crap you're dumping literally dumping it over a rail.  And dropping things and watching them fall is fun for me!  The best part was when Dad dropped the old toilet and it smashed into a hundred pieces. Ahh the little things.

I digress.

Anyway, enough about trash.  Link up with Ashley and/or Neely for Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year? 
I'm going to start cooking again when we get in the house.  Other than that I need to lay off the fast food.  Especially pizza.  I love pizza.  Dang.  Now I want pizza.

Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays? 
You are barking up the wrong tree.

Favorite thing you did over the Holidays? 
Definitely just getting time off work and relaxing with family.  And the Secret Santa at work was a highlight.  =)

What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012? 
Nothing significant really.  2012 was a good year for us!

Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why
1.  Moving into our house that we've been working on for 6 months!
2. Valentine's Day.  My loving husband has already made us reservations at Flemings.  Yum.
3. Tristan getting a little brother in May!

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Reading: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk.  Chris dropped me off at Barnes and Nobles to kill time while he got a haircut a couple of weekends ago and I picked this one up after reading the synopsis.  A few short chapters in and I was hooked.  I bought it for my Nook that night.  It's about a 13 year old girl who dies from a pot overdose and is sent to hell.  The story is from her perspective as she explores the underworld with a few teenage cellmates.  It sounds ridiculous but it's so interesting and pretty funny!  Parts of it are super gross so I wouldn't recommend it if you have a particularly weak stomach.

Watching: Friends.  Would you believe I've only seen one maybe two episodes before Chris talked me into watching it with him?  He got a couple of seasons on DVD for Christmas so everyday after work has been a marathon.  I don't know what season we're in but Ross and Rachel just got together for like a day before getting into a fight.  Chandler is my favorite character and Pheobe is starting to annoy me.  Chris keeps telling me there's something HUGE coming up and after every episode he says that I'm REALLY going to like the next one.  Haha.

Playing: Jigsaw World on facebook.  Oh. My. Stars.  I've become addicted.  I had no idea this even existed until Wednesday when a coworker brought it to my attention.  That night I sat and played for three straight hours.  And it's exactly what you this it is.  Nothing by jigsaw puzzles.  I might as well just stamp "DORK" on my forehead.

Wearing: Black.  I've been thinking I should wear more of it.  I don't have a lot of it because I like color so much but when done right it just looks so chic and classic!  Not only that but it's so easy to mix and match stuff with.  I bought a plain black tunic at Charming Charlie and paired it with black leggings, leopard shoes, a purple scarf and a black motorcycle jacket and let me tell you I walked with my head a little higher that day.  Amazing what a good outfit can do for you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - French Cats, Mad Men and Unnecessary Reproduction

1. I haven't been to work since the 21st.  Gotta go back tomorrow.  Not excited about it.

2. So some amazing friends hosted a joint birthday dinner for me and a friend Saturday night and they surprised us with a limo ride to the restaurant!  I was sickly on my actual birthday so this was nice!

3. Anyone else?

4. Why is it that some women think that just because they push a human out of their loins they're suddenly smarter?  No.  You're still stupid.

5. We had a wonderful family Christmas.  I won't bore you and tell you every single thing I got (although there were a couple of awesome pieces from Charming Charlie) but I have to share one thing!  My mother made my sister and I a shadow box in memory of Maw.  A picture of us together, a picture of her chocolate cake, her obituary and the pattern she used to make our baby quilts.  Bring on the water works!

6. The husband and I saw Django Unchained over the weekend.  It was irreverent, violent and offensive.  It was awesome.  My only gripe is that the massive amounts of blood were unrealistic.  But it IS Tarantino.  And Leo with a southern accent?  Be still my beating heart.

7. I mentioned before that we've been watching Mad Men and I have a question.  Is Peggy supposed to be homely or is it one of those things where we the viewers are supposed to pretend she's pretty?

8. If you haven't read it yet, this list of things we as children of the 90's will have to explain to children is spot on.  

9. Kim and Kanye reproducing is the one thing thus far that has made me disappointed that the Mayan apocalypse didn't happen.

10. Book it.

Well that felt nice.  Getting back into the swing of things after time off for holidays.  Let's all go into work tomorrow feeling revived and rejuvenated with a new sense of optimism.  
Or something.
Link up with Lin and Amber to make your own Ten on Tuesday!
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