Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - French Cats, Mad Men and Unnecessary Reproduction

1. I haven't been to work since the 21st.  Gotta go back tomorrow.  Not excited about it.

2. So some amazing friends hosted a joint birthday dinner for me and a friend Saturday night and they surprised us with a limo ride to the restaurant!  I was sickly on my actual birthday so this was nice!

3. Anyone else?

4. Why is it that some women think that just because they push a human out of their loins they're suddenly smarter?  No.  You're still stupid.

5. We had a wonderful family Christmas.  I won't bore you and tell you every single thing I got (although there were a couple of awesome pieces from Charming Charlie) but I have to share one thing!  My mother made my sister and I a shadow box in memory of Maw.  A picture of us together, a picture of her chocolate cake, her obituary and the pattern she used to make our baby quilts.  Bring on the water works!

6. The husband and I saw Django Unchained over the weekend.  It was irreverent, violent and offensive.  It was awesome.  My only gripe is that the massive amounts of blood were unrealistic.  But it IS Tarantino.  And Leo with a southern accent?  Be still my beating heart.

7. I mentioned before that we've been watching Mad Men and I have a question.  Is Peggy supposed to be homely or is it one of those things where we the viewers are supposed to pretend she's pretty?

8. If you haven't read it yet, this list of things we as children of the 90's will have to explain to children is spot on.  

9. Kim and Kanye reproducing is the one thing thus far that has made me disappointed that the Mayan apocalypse didn't happen.

10. Book it.

Well that felt nice.  Getting back into the swing of things after time off for holidays.  Let's all go into work tomorrow feeling revived and rejuvenated with a new sense of optimism.  
Or something.
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  1. Haha, #3 made me laugh soooo much!

  2. I'm cracking up at this post, thanks for the laughs! Since I have a few more days off from work, I think I might need to go to the movies and see Lincoln, Les Mis, and Django. As far as the Kim and Kanye debacle, your comment is my sentiments exactly. Damn Mayans! LMAO!!!!!

    Hugs and Happy New Year!
    Nicole @ Three 31

  3. 1. Lame.
    2. That's so awesome! You have some great friends.
    3. Haha, never did but now I forever will. Thanks Alyssa.
    4. This could be the best thing I've ever heard. So true & hilarious!
    5. What a great gift. So sweet.
    6. Oh my gawd...I cant wait to see this movie on Friday. Serioulsy love Tarantino movies.
    7. I always wondered that too but I think she's supposed to be homely looking. Especially in the early season; girl was fugly.
    8. Ha, yes.
    9. Ugh. *gag*
    10. Girl is so damn dramatic.

    As always, loved your 10!


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