Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - House Warming, GC and Whores in Glasses

1. Is it just me or does today feel like a repeat of Monday?

2.This is going to be must in our bathroom.  After our first few mornings, we realized we have very little storage space!

3. Kaylen started a new Pinterest board entitled "House Warming".  Wonder who that could be for... =)

4. This video is too stinkin' cute NOT to share!
5. [Shameless plug below!]
If you're in need of some cute shirt pockets or little girl's handmade clothes, please go check out my dear friend, Lauren's new Etsy site!

6. I actually sincerely hope that these two make it down the aisle.  What a gorgeous couple!  Chris got his picture with her at a WWE event and said she's even prettier in person and super sweet.

7. I actually complained to my coworkers yesterday that I got married before Pinterest.  Is that bad?

8. Grumpy cat just does not get old to me.
  9. I heard a rumor that Dunkin Donuts is coming out with a brown batter donut.  I'm trying not to squeal out loud with excitement.

10. Yes!  Exactly!

You know the drill.  Link up with Linny and Amber to play along!


  1. Yes, today was definitely another Monday. Tomorrow better still turn out to be Wednesday.

    I love Grumpy Cat, he never gets old. You can use him for basically everything.

    Congrats on the house! That is really exciting. I didn't have Pinterest when I got married...BUT I do have it for my house!!!!

  2. Hell No Kitty and the idiot hipster made my day.

  3. 1. Yes, yes and yes. I need Friday so bad.
    2. Oh my gosh, that's so damn cute.
    3. Haha, hope there's tons of cute stuff in there.
    4. Oh my gawd I'm loving this on SO many different levels right now.
    6. Out of all of his girlfriends, this one is the best. They look great together.
    7. Yes, but totally justified.
    8. Bahaha!
    10. I just spit out my water from laughing so hard at this.

    Thanks for linking up sweets!

    1. 4. I could watch it over and over. So happy!
      And you're very welcome!

  4. I LOVE #4! Also, I am sorry you got married before pinterest. I am not even engaged and I have a few wedding boards there lol.

    1. That's ok! I'm not pregnant but I already know what his/her nursery will look like!

  5. That storage unit is great I can see why u want it

    Ali of



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