Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Humidity Sucks


1. This is how STUPID the weather has been since about Thursday:

2. Last night I hopped on my broom and unfairly flew all over Chris.  I apologized for "acting crazy" later.  His response?  "You have a vagina.  You can't help it."  I'm so glad he understands...

3. For the 3rd time in one week I missed an award show.  BUT I did get caught up on the red carpet showing!  I created a Pinterest page just for my favorite red carpet moments if you want to see my other top picks.  But for now here's my nominees for best and worst dressed from the Golden Globes:
Really.  What WAS Sienna Miller thinking?

4. I am just not domestic.  I'm realizing this more and more.  I'm not good at cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, anything like that.  My office mates (and dear friends) have been bringing in homemade cakes and knitted scarves and I'm all like "I'm good at jigsaw puzzles!"

5. If we learned anything from the Golden Globes it's that Adele > Taylor Swift. 

6. Chris and I bought the 1st season of American Horror Story last week and we're watching the season finale tonight.  The first season is MILES better than the second.

7. Yes.  You like going to the gym.  I get it.  But do you have to announce it on facebook everytime you go and make the rest of us piggies feel bad?

8. You know what movie I watched last night for the first time?  A Few Good Men.  Pretty good movie.  My favorite clip went like this: 
-Those Marines are fanatical.
-About what?
-About being Marines.
Pretty much.

9. So dramatic.

10.  I just have to brag on my dad.  The other morning Daddy, Kaylen and I were watching the Miss America pageant.  Miss Alabama was pretty but nothing special.  Dad said "There's GOT to be prettier girls in this state!  I've got TWO sitting on this couch!"  Aw..thanks, Daddy! 

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  1. Girl, my friend is a marathon runner and she recently moved from here (northern CO) to a mountain town in CO. Now she's like "running 17 miles in 10 degree weather! so fun". I'm like "kill me with a spoon" haha

    I can't stand awards shows. I tune into the Country Music Awards and that's about it. I like them cause they're funny, unstuffy and play good music. Plus, men in tight pants. 'nuff said.

    Thanks for linking up for 10 on Tuesday!

  2. Nicole Ritchie's dress was one of my favorites, too. I loved Kate Hudson's too. Gorgeous!

    I hear you on the humidity thing. I tried to blow out my hair and it turned into bride of Frankenstien hair. It's up now...

    Oh, and thank you for #5. I really can't stand Taylor Swift!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. 1. Bahaha, that's exactly what I look like on humid days too!
    2. Aw, what a sweetheart.
    3. Ick, Sienna Miller's dress looked like something out of the 50's. And not the sexy 50's.
    4. Jigsaw puzzles are totally cool. I can crochet, bake & sew on a button but that's it. Also, I'm horrid at cleaning.
    5. Yes!
    6. Agreed. The 2nd season's been OK but the first was definitely better.
    7. Word. I think I announced it once on twitter & it was only to document the ONE time I actually went through with it haha.
    8. Never ever seen that movie. Need to get on that asap.
    9. Ive totally got dramatic moments like that.
    10. Aw, thats SO sweet!

  4. This little piggy (aka Yours Truly) is about to make her waistline larger but snacking on some carbs and attacking some supper since she forgot her lunch this morning. I am hu-ga-ray, damn!!! As for Dad, he gets super-duper brownie points (yummmm, browniessssss) from me. I missed the pageant, I was probably eating and watching football and updating my Facebook status to tell everybody those things. I'm sorry I missed the big hoop-lah though, I've heard all the rave about the interviews and the gosh-awful talent performances. I can eat. That's my talent. Pfft.

    Big hugs,
    Large and In Charge
    Nicole @ Three 31

    1. Hahaha! Brownie points. Your comments make me smile. =)


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