Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 on Tuesday - Oscar Edition!

So what did everyone think of the Academy Awards???  I'm sad it's over.  It's like the day after Christmas.  No more red carpets???  It just can't be.

For today's 10 on Tuesday I decided to make them (you guessed it) about the Oscars!
Be sure to link up with Linny and Amber and make your own 10 random thoughts about anything you want!

1. First and foremost, Best Dressed: Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence.  What can I say?  I'm an absolute sucker for ball gowns and old hollywood.
Honorable Mentions: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried.

2. And now the unfortunate Worst Dressed:  Anne Hathaway (so disappointing I don't even know where to begin), Maria Menounos (she ruined an arguably pretty, on trend dress with too tight of a cut, a tan a few shades too dark and the dumbest of hair styles), and Salma Hayek (hate the neck on her and again, a stupid hair style on a beautiful woman).

3. I thought Seth McFarlane did a wonderful job!  But I'm a little disappointed he didn't do Stewie at least once.

4. I absolutely LOVED the wrap-it-up music. Surely that was the host's doing.

5. Two questions: Why was Kristen Stewart on crutches, and why did she not brush her hair before going to the Oscars?  I would comment on how awkward she was presenting...but really...what's the point?

6. Yay for Christoph Waltz!!  My favie!

7. One of the funniest moments for me was the The Sound of Music throwback when McFarlane introduced Christopher Plummer.  Spot on.  Spot on. 

8. Poor Jennifer Lawrence tripping! That is absolutely something that would happen to me.  I'd be walking toward the biggest moment of my young life and face plant in front of all of my peers.  God love her...

9. I was ready for the Jaws theme to play when Anne Hathaway wouldn't stop gushing when she won for Best Supporting Actress.

10. I have a list ten movies deep now of movies I want to watch.  And Silver Linings Playbook is neck a'neck with Les Mis. 

Have yall actually seen any of the movies that were nominated?
Tell me your thoughts!...because I kind of want to see them all.  Except Beasts of the Southern Wild.  No interest there.

Lets all deal with our award show withdrawals the best we can.
Have a good week!


  1. i LOVED Seth MacFarlane hosting, I was so sad he received so much hate on Twitter. And I too loved the ending number. And the song on bOObies.

    My best dressed goes to Charlize with Jessica Chastain in a close second. Nothing is more gorgeous to me than Old Hollywood glamour. Anne Hathaway's gown looked like a prom dress. So disappointing!

  2. Christoph Waltz rocks! I am so glad he won!
    And Anna Hathaway's dress was not very pretty! Jessica Chastain's was my favorite!

  3. I didnt watch the awards this year but heard Seth MacFarlane did a pretty great job. You know, aside from his sexist & racist jokes haha. I have to laugh at how angry people are about that shit. It's like, what did you expect?! If you've ever watched one of his shows you'd know he's far from PC.

    Love your best dressed & Jennifer Lawrence is the cutest. I'm totally girl-crushing on her.


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