Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Grammys, Ugly Babies and Just Plain Crazies

1.If they cut to Taylor Swift dancing around during the performances one more time at the Grammys Sunday night, I was going to shoot myself and let the brain matter just splatter all over the flat screen.
Was that a bit much?  I think maybe. 
2. I know "all babies are cute" and all that jazz but...Kourtney K's isn't.

 3. In lieu of the Kate Spade handbag I so desperately want, I'm going to have to make a trip to Charming Charlie and shop in the hot pink section.

4. This is awesome!  And yet I still love my cats...

5. After a couple of weeks of searching, I'm fairly certain only gas stations and convenient stores carry Oreo Cakesters.  Elusive little chocolaty pricks...

6. I fell in love with this bedding in Belk last weekend.  It would match our bedroom walls perfectly!  Sadly, you see the name brand.  Oh well...  GOSH my tastes are getting expensive.
7. True words:
"Rihanna, with Chris Brown you're not bright like a diamond.  You're dumb like a rock."
-Joan Rivers

8. Something I think we can all agree on...

9. Speaking of crazies, I started listening to documentaries on YouTube at work.  If you're interested in WW2 and the Third Reich and all that you should watch this one about a Holocaust denier on trial.  Very interesting.

10. Every time I see a picture of Julianna Hough I want to run to the nearest salon and say CHOP IT OFF!  It's such a sweet cut!

By now you know the drill.  Link up with Lovely Linny and Amber to play along!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Not a bit much at all. I have an odd disliking of T.Swift. She is like nails on a chalkboard to me...
    #8 is RIGHT ON.

  2. Taylor isn't real swift anyway. Bimbo.

  3. #4 video is hilarious~~~ I love both <3

  4. ha I love this post. Stopping by from the link up. Taylor could stop singing any moment now.

    I love the quote about Chris Brown and Rhianna, so true!

  5. #1 and #7 are spot on. Taylor Swift really got too much airtime and I am so disgusted with the whole RIhanna and Chris Brown drama.

    Thanks for sharing the video about holocaust denier. I studied WW2 in University but still find the idea of deniers shocking. If you are interested the book, "A Train In Winter" is really interesting, it's about women who were part of the french resistance movement in WW2.

  6. HAHA this seriously made me LOL. I was thinking the exact same thing about Taylor Swift! AND I love the quote my Joan Rivers & last OMG number 10 makes me want to chop my hair off too, I have been wanting to cut my hair again but I've been growing it for 2 years and I'm afraid I'll be mad at myself for cutting it!

  7. Seriously, I heard more a CB and Rihanna back together than anything about the Grammy's. What a terrible example to set. Plus, she's just dumb. If he beats her again, the world will be sympathetic of course...

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. 1. Taylor Swift in general is annoying so I can only imagine how awful this shit was.
    2. Yikes. Some genes should just not be mixed.
    5. Oreo what? Never heard of them :/
    7. Bahaha, yes! They're the worst. Seriously, those two turds deserve one another.
    8. Word.
    9. Her hair is totally fab but I'm still not sure if I like HER or not. There's something about her that annoys me. Just not sure what exactly.

    I know I'm late on commenting but thanks for linking!


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