Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday - New Crushes, Awkward Moments, and Beached Whales

 1. Remember that Kate Spade bag I said I wanted?  Here's my chance to get it! (And yours too.)  A few awesome bloggers put together a giveaway and the prize is any Kate Spade handbag up to $300!  Awesomeness.

2. NEW CRUSH ALERT: the lead singer of Mumford and Sons.  Yes?
Mumford and Sons lead singer

3. The husband and I ended up watching Lawless Sunday night.  Hated every minute of it.  Could hardly understand anything anybody said and didn't get the story.  The only good thing was that Tom Hardy's face was in it.

4. I hope she ends up being twice the size of pregnant Jessica Simpson.  I think it'll happen.
Kim Kardashian whale

5. I signed up for my first blog swap with Linny!  I've never participated in a swap before but I imagine it's a the-more-the-merrier type situation so you should join in.

6. My smartelick sister sent me this the other day.  Ya know...since I'm so good with blood.

 7. Ran out of the stash of Oreo Cakesters hubby got me from a random gas station.  Sad day.

 8. Lauren and I had the bright idea to go to small group from a local church where we don't know anyone just because they hold it at Starbucks.  We were expecting other 20-somethings...and got middle aged moms and gray haired ladies.
It was one of those moments where you step outside yourself, look down at you and think "...how do you get yourself into these things?"

9. I started reading The Silver Linings Playbook last night and got through the first 100 pages before I was done.  Really good read so far.  Can't wait to see the movie when I'm done.

10. Oh my gosh YES.

You know what to do.  Link up with Linny and Amber.


  1. ha ha - You have me laughing about Kimmy's preggo self!

  2. I participated in one swap so far, sent out a cool package and never got one back. That was so disappointing that I haven't participated any more since then.

    1. That happened to me as well! I'm hoping it doesn't happen the next time.

  3. Holy Smokestacks, that picture of Kim K makes me feel so much better about myself, I don't feel so fat....even though I am. LMAO!!!! Speaking of fat, have you tried Oreo's MEGA stuffed cookies? They're the size of Kim K.'s ass in that photo, only with white creme. Very tasty. I love the creme filling but even they are a bit too much for me. I'm still a die-hard double-stuffed fan.

    All right, Miss Alyssa, you and I need to talk about Lawless. I loved that movie! Watched it the first time and was a bit grossed out with the uber-gross blood scenes, but I've watched it at least a half-dozen more times. Great story + a TRUE one. I recently bought the novel that the movie is based on, I always love a true story and usually love the book as much (if not more) than the movie.

    You in Starbucks with a bunch of blue-hairs, I'm rolling in the floor. You've made me day. My night. My tomorrow.


    p.s. enjoy your swap .... I've done a couple with (mostly) success.

    1. MEGA stuffed you say? I must try this.
      Now the novel I might try. The movie felt...rushed to me. But I must say, that accent sounded good on Shia whats-his-face.

  4. I wanted to watch Lawless so bad when it was in theaters. Now I'm kinda glad I didnt spend my money on it since I probably wouldnt be able to understand them haha.

    Yeah, seeing Kim look as big as a whale is making me super happy. You've never signed up for a swap before?! Eeek, the pressure to make sure you have a fantastic partner :/

    There's a book about that movie? Or was the movie about the book? Hm...


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