Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Girl Crush: Ivanka Trump

Chris and I have started watching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.  I like getting to see the stars out of their element and in competition with one another.  And I like when the the Trump kids get involved!  They're kind of fascinating to me.  Always so polished and put together and actually very nice.  
But to me (and hubby) Ivanka Trump always steals the show.
Ivanka Trump in the boardroom

EVERYTIME I see her in the boardroom one word comes to mind: Goddess.  One of us always says at least once during each show that she couldn't possibly be anymore perfect if she tried.
Ivanka Trump in the boardroom
She's smart, beautiful, and always always always classy.  She never has a temper, even when some egomaniac is pitching a fit in the boardroom.  She's always calm, collected and knows exactly what to say.  When she had her first child she gave her the name Arabella Rose.  Of course she would have an awesome baby name!  I'll bet this woman has never burped in her life.  If she did it would probably smell like lavender.
Ivanka Trump
And she's a Daddy's Girl.  Nothing wrong with that!
Donald and Ivanka Trump

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  1. I've always thought she was a hottie. And it seems like she's only getting prettier with age, lucky girl.

    Still dont know how its possible that Donald Trumps funky looking genes are in that hot body of hers somewhere...

  2. I want to be Ivanka Trump in my next life!!


  3. I also love Ivanka! To me she epitomizes class and hard work. Though I agree with Linny, I have no idea how she popped out looking so amazing with The Donald for a father...


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