Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hit a Blogger Wall

This weekend I have the least amount of inspiration or motivation I think I've had in a while.  I sat down with my laptop last night and started answering the questions for this week's Sunday Social.  I stared at the first question for about five minutes and thought "...I don't wanna do this" and shut the laptop.  I tried to start again this morning (I usually enjoy blogging most in the morning).
Again.  Nothing.  Blank.
And the questions were easy!
Name 5 places you want to visit...
Name 5 celebrities you want to hang out with...
It's not like they were deep or thought provoking for crying out loud.
Since I clearly didn't feel like answering questions I started a completely different post...And then after a couple of lines that took 20 minutes to type, deleted what I had and finished reading Jurassic Park instead.
And it's not that I have nothing to say!  I have a lot going through this little mind!
julie and julia gif i could write a blogjulie and julia gif i have thoughts
  I just simply didn't feel like putting any of it together.  Not even close.
Oh well.  I'm assuming I don't suck and that it happens to everyone occasionally.  For now I'm going to go start dinner (hubs wants Shake N' Bake chicken) and then watch a movie (Lawless or What's Eating Gilbert Grape).
I'll leave you with a little Fun Fact:  Leonardo DiCaprio almost didn't get the role of Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape because the director thought he was too good looking to play someone who's mentally handicapped.
Never doubt Leo. 


  1. I completely feel you! I actually took all last week off of blogging because I just couldn't think. All my posts were too forced and not up to par (for myself at least). I hope you break your wall down soon!

  2. It definitely happens to everyone! There are days (sometimes even weeks) where I feel I don't have anything to say - and if I do, it just doesn't seem logical enough to post. Hopefully you'll be back into it very soon!

  3. It happens to all of us! And it's definitely better to just wait till the thoughts finish arranging themselves and post then...never feel obligated to blog for the sake of blogging....

  4. Oh that happens to me too! In fact it was that way just last week! Sometimes the inspiration just isn't there. It's always okay to just take a little bloggy break.

    Love that scene from Julie and Julia, by the way. :)

    Jana @ life could be a dream


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