Sunday, March 17, 2013

Letters to Me

Could you hang some pictures on the walls or something?
I'm feeling very...naked.
Thanks in Advance,
Your Walls

I need you to take a step back and realize you haven't touched a piano in three years and haven't had a lesson in fifteen before you attempt Beethoven again.  It's not pretty.
Your New Piano.
PS.  I look stunning in the dining room if I do say so.


We could use some color before you wear shorts this spring.  Go to Wal-Mart and invest in some tanning lotion.  But that Jergens natural glow stuff.  Not REAL tanning lotion.  We don't want a repeat of the 7th grade instant tan tragedy.
-Your Legs 


I'm sorry I looked stupid on you.  It just wasn't meant to be.
The Hot Pink tank at AE you really wanted.

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  1. Love this! Pretty sure there were a couple dresses at Old Navy that said something similar to me as to what that tank top told you.

  2. Love love love this!! You should make this a link-up !!

  3. You have a piano in your dining room?! Hey there fancy pants.

    Damn, I'm jealous.


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