Thursday, March 28, 2013

Perfect Night In Swap!

 I cannot tell you how excited I was when I came home to find my first ever swap box!  Linny and Amber (also the masterminds behind Ten on Tuesday) paired me up with Wendy from Our Happily Ever After.  I had so much fun shopping for her items to make a perfect night in and she definitely did not disappoint!
Perfect Night In Swap
Wendy was so detailed!  The envelope was even sealed with a cupcake sticker.
Perfect Night In Swap
I LOVED the chevron and anchor wrapping paper.  It was so pretty I hated to open it...
Perfect Night In Swap
...but not really.  I tore into that!  Great minds must think alike because we bought each other the same magazine.  Ha.
I had in my box of goodies:
-A Cosmo mag
-A 3 DVD comedy set (hubs will love her forever)
-A bag of cheddar popcorn (already half eaten by the husband and I)
-Some M&M snack mix
-And even two toys for the kids!  One of which being catnip mice, their favorite.
Perfect Night In Swap, cats
Checking out their new toy.
Perfect Night In Swap, cats
Gus went completely Gollum over the catnip mouse.  Clearly.
Thank you so much, Wendy, for making my first blog swap so awesome.  The husband and kitties thank you too!
And thank you to Lin and Amber for putting it all together for all of us!
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  1. What a lovely package! It is so cool that she sent something for the cats too!

  2. Yay!! Im so glad that it finally arrived and that you loved it! It was a lot of fun shopping for you and even your babies! Im glad that all of you enjoyed the goodies :)

  3. Such a great mix of goodies! I love it! That swap looks like it was a lot of fun! What a great idea!!



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