Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Friendly Sharks, Bad Haircuts and My 1st Husband

 1. You know what kind of day it's going to be when your alarm goes off and you say out loud "Noooo...".

2. I was going through an old forgotten box of photos and found this:
 I think this was right before his senior year.  I thought we were so cute in our matching shirts!

 3. This time change blows.

4. Indeed they are!

5. Does having a Hunger Games mocking jay pin on the collar of your jacket make you a nerd?

6. I've had this in my head all morning.  We've all been there.

 7. Saturday morning convo:
Me: I had a dream that Joseph Gordon Levitt was my new boyfriend.
Chris: Good.  Maybe he can pay our damn bills.

 8. Less than a week for the new season of DWTS!  Gets hyped, yall!!.

 9. As much as I love my Leo and think it's an injustice that he keeps getting jipped...these are really funny.
10. There's been a lot of this today.  And I predict a lot more to come...

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  1. I love ALL of the pics! Especially the one at the bottom, I am cracking up. And I may steal it for a post this week.

    PS- I JGL pays your bills and is still feeling generous, tell him he can come pay mine!

  2. 1. Haha, totally been there.
    2. Dude, you guys were (are) so cute!
    3. Yes. Well, actually it only sucked on Monday but now I'm pretty used to it. Only thing I'm not used to is the day going by so damn quickly.
    4. This is a little creepy. But you're right, they look a lot friendlier.
    5. Bahaha! I take it you're sporting one? I think that's bad ass.
    6. Dude, this totally happened to the hubs a few months ago. He was so pissed until he got home & I put gel in it and made him all hot.
    7. Yum. And, I heard that.
    9. Poor dude. He totally deserves one. Thought he deserved one for his role in The Departed. Such a great movie!


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