Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Praying Cats and Cakesters

 1. If someone could build this for me, that's be great. Thanks.

2. I was just thinking how awesome it would be if Rob Pattinson ditched Kristen Stewart for Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Tried on a dress this weekend and literally had this moment in the fitting room:
Went to  buy the dress and forgot I had a gift card.  Walked away with it for $11.  Score for Alyssa.

 4. One day last week I randomly stopped at a gas station I've never been to to look for my cakesters.  I found four!  I grabbed the whole box and went home ready to binge.  Right out of the gate I noticed they smelled funny.  I took one bite and they were clearly not the cakesters from my dreams.  Looked at the date and they expired in February....2012.  
Bitterly bummed out.  The cruelest of all jokes.

5. Love this picture from the set of Some Like It Hot.
Old Hollywood
 6. I've been listening to a lot of "The Making Of..." videos on youtube this week at work.  So far I've listened to Silence of the Lambs, Scream, Jaw, and Jurassic Park.  Any suggestions??

7. Word.

8. If cats could pray.  Who are we kidding.  They probably wouldn't.

9. DWTS?  Time for sweet ole' Andy Dick to go home.  And I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I'm really glad they're covering up 16 year old Zandaya (however you spell it) with appropriate costumes.  Could have easily gotten awkward.

 10. And lastly, already mentioned it but I'm now on facebook.
Like it, goofballs.

 Link up with Lin to play along!
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Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29th, 2007

On this day six years ago I was 19, had just woken up next to my husband for the very first time and was getting ready to drive to Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon.

The best day of my life turned into one of the greatest weeks of my life. 

Coming up on the mountains in the distance with flower petals from the day before still on the dash.
Wearing our matching "I love my wife/husband" t-shirts.
We were so happy to finally be married and couldn't believe we actually got to spend a whole week together, alone, and in our favorite place no less. 

We walked for miles and miles around town, did everything there is to do, and had a completely wonderful honeymoon.  Gatlinburg is still our favorite little getaway.

Here's to hoping for MANY more trips and even more memories.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Two-Thirds Scarlett Is Now On Facebook!

Morning, all!
A couple of quick things:
Today we (Chris, Mom, Dad and myself) are driving down to Tuscaloosa to move my little sister back home for the summer.  I'm excited about it!  They're taking us to some sandwich shop I've never been to for lunch.  The weather should be pretty much perfect so I'm looking forward to walking around campus and maybe getting a new t-shirt.  Chris will naturally be wearing his Florida crap so the rest of us are going to wear our Bama gear to hopefully drown him out so as not to attract attention to the fact that we brought a Florida fan on campus.
It's sacrilegious, really.
And something kind of exciting for me: I now have a facebook page!  So hop on over and give me Like!  And thanks to everyone who has done so already!
Have a perfect weekend!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little Cooper or Tallulah - My Top Baby Names

[Just to clarify before we even begin: I'm not pregnant.]

My kid will be fabulous.
 It seems like every blogger and her sister is pregnant.  Not to mention every girl that I ever went to high school with on facebook.  I absolutely love hearing what everyone is naming their little ones.  I needed some little girl names for my job when I got a new position at work, googled "baby names", stumbled upon Nameberry.com and became a member soon after!  I visit it every single day and have become slightly obsessed with baby names.  At least once a day I ask Chris "what do you think of this name for a girl?".  Usually his answer is just NO.  To say we have different tastes in names is an understatement.
I thought I'd share you with you my top list of baby names if we have a little Chris or Alyssa (Heaven help us):

Cooper - (Middle name Timothy.)  If/when we have a boy this will absolutely be his name.  Right now it's set in stone.  It doesn't have the coolest meaning (barrel maker) but we're both in love with it and when we talk about hypothetical future kids we call him Cooper.

Lincoln - Love the sound and that it's not common.  To me it sounds handsome.  I'm so annoyed with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell for naming their DAUGHTER Lincoln.  [Eye-roll.]

Wyatt Meaning "brave in war".  I've always liked this name.  Recently it's had a boom but that's ok.  As much as I like it, I could never name our boy that because it would sound ridiculous with our last name.  Wyatt Whitt?  Bless his heart.

Honorable Mentions: Shepard, Beau, JackSimon, Leo, and Eli.

Lillian - (Noelle most probable middle name.)  If we were to magically have a baby girl tomorrow she would most likely be a Lillian.  Chris is dead set on this.  He wants to call her Lilly Pad.  I love it but I can still be swayed.  I'm partial to the double "L" sound.

Tallulah - Means "leaping water".  I'm absolutely in love and Chris thinks I'm crazy!  It's so feminine and that's a MUST for me.  And again with double "L" sound.  Kaylen and I are in a battle over this name.  Right now, Tallulah owns me.

Cora - (short for Coraline).  Simple and sweet.  The middle name possibilities are endless.

Honorable Mentions: Scarlett, Shiloh, Violet, Willow, Bonnie.

There you have it!  Whatcha think?  What you YOUR favorite baby names?  I'd love to hear them!
And if you don't like Tallulah...tough crap.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Spiders, Drunks, and Rednecks, Oh My.

1. I'm absolutely dragging today.  Did NOT want to get of bed this morning.

2. Reese Witherspoon!?  Say it isn't so!

3. Lauren and I went "popping tags" yesterday.  But not really.  We spent $3 on some vases for a project.  I'll let you know how that goes.

4. I've told you before I don't dance and I finally found something to give you a visual idea as to why:

5. I'm really excited because Chris finally ordered the 6th season of Friends and it should be here anyday!  I've GOT to find out what happens after Ross and Rachel get drunk married in Vegas.

6. This is the cutest thing!  Everyone should be so excited to get a kitty.

7. Sign #127 that you need to deep clean your car: You nearly run off the road because you notice a man-eating spider hanging from your rear view mirror.

8. This had me rolling:
9.  Thanks to Pam for finding me another addiction: Disney Quizzes and tons more.

10. Welcome to Alabama.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Saturday in Alabama Spring

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I had a text from a friend asking if we had plans for dinner.  A few minutes later Daddy texted me asking if I wanted to go to Alabama's A-Day game.  At the SAME time I get a text from Mom asking if I wanted to go to Trade Days at Tannehill with her and Nana.  Chris and I start to plan what we're going to do for the day when I get a text from another friend saying she's in town and asking if we can do lunch!
I felt extremely popular.
The day went something like this:
11:00 - Lunch at Habaneros with Megan.  Conversation centers a lot around our pets.  It's kind of what we do.  Wal-Mart for no reason what so ever afterward.
12:30 - Chris leaves to coach a little league baseball game and I leave for Tannehill with Mom and Nana.  (Daddy, Kaylen and Don Don went to the A-Day game and I texted Kaylen telling her to be aware and be vigilant in the crowds and that I was only halfway kidding.)  I wore my AE chinos yet again and felt super cute because I found my late aunt's vintage watch in my jewelry box to wear.
Charming Charlie bag
Said watch and Charming Charlie bag I'm obsessed with.
Tannehill Trade Days
Arriving at Trade Days. (I had to squat to be at head level with them.)
Awesome shopping insues!  I've talked about Trade Days before but this is the first time I've ever been in the spring instead of the fall.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  I left with an Iraqi Freedom Veteran hat for Chris (I know he won't wear it, but I just wanted him to have it), an ovarian cancer ribbon pin, a small glass vase for Lauren and I's DIY project, and an oval wood framed mirror for my hallway collage.  Not bad.
6:00 - Dinner at Kobe with Lynda and Joel.  They're always good comany anyway but last night was prom night for some local high school so we got a fashion show as well!
It's days like this that make me say "Lord, I know I don't deserve ANY of these wonderful people in my life, but please don't ever take them away from me".
I hope your Saturday was just as fun!  Maybe an awesome weekend will make Monday not feel quite so bad...Maybe.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Simmered Tuscan Chicken: First Recipe!

First off, send all your prayers to Boston this morning.  If you haven't checked the news....might want to do that.  Insanity.


I told you in my Ten on Tuesday that I cooked a meal with actual food.   I made Simmered Tuscan Chicken, a recipe from a cookbook I got as a wedding gift.  Never in my 25 years have I bought garlic or basil.  Did you know that there are about ten cloves on one thing of garlic (don't know what you call one thing of garlic)?  Yea, me neither.  Recipe called for "2 cloves of garlic".  I bought two garlics.  Whatever.  Now I have a lot of garlic.  I had to get a manager at Publix to help me even find basil.  God love it.

After 3 plus years of blogging it gives me great pride and pleasure to present to you my first ever recipe:

simmered tuscan chicken recipe

-2 tbsp olive or vegetable oil
-1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast cut into 1 inch pieces
-2 cloves garlic finely chopped
-4 medium potatoes cut into 1/2 inch pieces (for the two of us this was way too much potato so next time I'll use 2 to 3 tops)
-1 medium red bell pepper cut into large pieces
 -1 24-26 oz. jar Ragu Old World Style sauce
-1 lb green beans fresh or frozen
-1 tsp dried basil 
-Salt and pepper to your liking

simmered tuscan chicken recipe
After heating the oil in a large skillet, cook chicken and garlic until chicken is cooked through.  
Remove chicken and set aside.
Add potatoes and pepper to skillet and cook for 5 minutes on medium stirring occasionally .
Add all remaining ingredients.
Bring to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer covered for 35 minutes.
Add chicken and heat through.
Ta da!
Don't be thinking that this means I'm going to start churning out awesome cuisine.  It definitely doesn't.  All my other "cooking" goes like this:
-Remove contents from box.
-Add water.
-Cook 20 minutes.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Pam's photoblog: Less Talk More Pictures
Eating: Lean Cuisines.  On Lauren's advice I tried one of the new salad additions and absolutely loved it.  I bought spinach instead of lettuce to go with it since I've heard it's one of the best things you can eat.  Come to find out, I love spinach!  I started eating it right out of the bag!

Reading: The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  I went on a reading tear and read about three books in a month then I started this thinking I would absolutely love it.  I don't so far.  My reading has completely dropped off.  I have to make myself read just because I can't stand quitting a book!  The only time I've just stopped was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  Couldn't get into and just didn't care to after a few chapters.

Missing: Our Camp Lejeune friends.  We miss them so much!  We love talking about them and all the parties, dinners and "family" game nights.  They WERE are family.  We were each others families!  It's a closeness that's hard to describe and impossible to replicate.

Wearing: New American Eagle aqua skinny chinos!  In LOVE.  I went on a spontaneous shopping trip with a friend and found these babies on sale.  Score for Alyssa.  I've been really wanting some bright colored pants. I also got some $8 sandals and a $2 dainty gold arrow necklace from Forever21.  I was feeling super sassy yesterday!

Looking forward to: Lots!  We're moving Kaylen home for the summer next weekend, our 6th wedding anniversary is the 28th and Tristan will have a new little brother in the middle of May!  I'm so excited to meet Tyler I can't stand it!  Another baby to love on!  Beyond all that, I'm really looking forward to going to the beach with the whole family for the 4th of July.  Seriously need a vacation.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Color Obsession - Lavender

In my opinion the most underrated of the pastel family.  It's like everyone is too busy noticing trendy mint green and baby pink to see charming little Lavender standing by the wall.  (Wouldn't Lavender be a darling little girl's name?)
My favorite Mila Kunis moment: Elie Saab

American Eagle
Kelly Osbourne
See?  I can say something nice about the girl.  T-Swift in J. Mendel.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Cakester Crisis, Posesed Cats and Attack of the Disney Princesses

1. If you haven't already, now is the time to drop to your knees and pray for our country.

2. I do this.  Not sure why.

3. I actually cooked last night.  Like not out of a box.  Real ingredients.  We'll talk about that later.

4. I think this is a cat.  Not real sure.
5. Major props to Bradley Cooper for drawing attention to PTSD and the massive amount of our country's veterans committing suicide.  It's not the "cool" thing to talk about but he did at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards.
 "But, the coolest thing about me playing Pat Solitano was being able to go around the country and seeing all the men and women, the vets who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and the real need that we have to develop a strategy to take care of them. More people have committed suicide last year than died in the field of battle and it's an epidemic. So, thank you."
Thank you, Mr. Cooper.

6. Quite possible the best picture ever.
 7. DWTS: I didn't cry nearly as much last night (ok, not at all).  I don't know who was more excited that Maks was back, me or Chris.  Probably Chris.

8. I wish everyone that shares anything on facebook would check Snopes.com first.  There is no gang that flashes their lights at you while you're driving at night, there are no snakes in your toilet and Starbucks does not hate the troops.

9. Read about Lauren's attempt to help me through what is now being called "The Oreo Cakester Crisis of 2013".

10. I would be finding a new roommate.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Consider This - Fake Bakin'

-Tanning beds were recently declared carcinogenic,,meaning they cause skin cancer. 
-Just 1 indoor tanning session increases users’ chances of developing melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) by 20 percent, and each additional session during the same year boosts the risk almost another 2 percent.
-Frequent tanners using new high-pressure sunlamps may receive as much as 12 times the annual UVA dose compared to the dose they receive from sun exposure.
-Among people ages 18 to 29 who have ever used a tanning bed and were diagnosed with melanoma, 76 percent of those melanoma cases were attributable to tanning bed use.

-Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death in women 25 to 30-years old.

-One person dies of melanoma every hour.

Not preaching or jumping on a soapbox here.  Just giving you some facts and asking a question:
Is that "healthy glow" worth it?

[Statistics from Cosmopolitan's Practise Safe Sun campaign, the Skin Cancer Foundation and the CDC.]

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Quote of the Moment

it gets better with age
“In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find and continue to find grounds for marriage.”
-Robert Anderson

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TV Talk: DWTS, Celebrity Apprentice and The Walking Dead

Lately we've been watching a lot of TV.  We're like an old couple with our TV schedule and we get bent out of shape if we don't watch them.

-This was me all through Dancing with the Stars Monday night. 
tina fey crying gif
A crying fool.  I don't know what got into me.  I cried during Karina and Jacoby's foxtrot for his son.  I cried during Sharna and Andy's waltz for his daughter.  I sobbed during Derek and Kellie's rumba.  Kym and Ingo said they'd be dancing to Christina Perri's 1,000 Years and I cried before they even made it to the dance floor.  At press time I haven't watched the results but I'm betting Vanderpump goes home.  And Kellie and Derek are still my early favorites to win.  
[Edit: I was right. Just wanted to point that out.]
-I told you the husband talked me into trying The Walking Dead from the beginning.  Well we binged and watched the first 2 seasons in a week.  I'm sooo glad we did.  The moment that got me most was when we found out what happened to sweet little Sophia.  She walked out of the barn and I was like...
"Signs" shocked gif
 ...and then I cried.  And I totally get why everyone likes Daryl and hates Lori.
After watching the final episode we had I went to the local gas station and saw a methhead.  My very first thought was "WALKER!".  

-Celebrity Apprentice.  I loved this episode featuring Trump's Mrs.  And the look she gave when she realized they'd misspelled her name was priceless.
puzzled gif 
And I'm sorry, but Dennis Rodman is just an idiot of the worst kind.  I wonder when he'll make his next trip to visit his good buddy, Kim.  Prick.
 Tonight it looks like the lineup will be Modern Family and Nashville.  
As far as that goes, Modern Family is still hilarious and Hayden Panettiere is still not hot.
What are you watching tonight?

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