Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29th, 2007

On this day six years ago I was 19, had just woken up next to my husband for the very first time and was getting ready to drive to Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon.

The best day of my life turned into one of the greatest weeks of my life. 

Coming up on the mountains in the distance with flower petals from the day before still on the dash.
Wearing our matching "I love my wife/husband" t-shirts.
We were so happy to finally be married and couldn't believe we actually got to spend a whole week together, alone, and in our favorite place no less. 

We walked for miles and miles around town, did everything there is to do, and had a completely wonderful honeymoon.  Gatlinburg is still our favorite little getaway.

Here's to hoping for MANY more trips and even more memories.
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  1. Awww! Happy anniversary! That looks like it was an awesome honeymoon! I wouldn't mind going there someday, too!

  2. I've only driven through TN, but It looks beautiful :) Being together, alone, was one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon as well! Not having to say 'see you later' was so wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy HAPPY anniversary (a little late!) sweet girl!


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