Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little Cooper or Tallulah - My Top Baby Names

[Just to clarify before we even begin: I'm not pregnant.]

My kid will be fabulous.
 It seems like every blogger and her sister is pregnant.  Not to mention every girl that I ever went to high school with on facebook.  I absolutely love hearing what everyone is naming their little ones.  I needed some little girl names for my job when I got a new position at work, googled "baby names", stumbled upon and became a member soon after!  I visit it every single day and have become slightly obsessed with baby names.  At least once a day I ask Chris "what do you think of this name for a girl?".  Usually his answer is just NO.  To say we have different tastes in names is an understatement.
I thought I'd share you with you my top list of baby names if we have a little Chris or Alyssa (Heaven help us):

Cooper - (Middle name Timothy.)  If/when we have a boy this will absolutely be his name.  Right now it's set in stone.  It doesn't have the coolest meaning (barrel maker) but we're both in love with it and when we talk about hypothetical future kids we call him Cooper.

Lincoln - Love the sound and that it's not common.  To me it sounds handsome.  I'm so annoyed with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell for naming their DAUGHTER Lincoln.  [Eye-roll.]

Wyatt Meaning "brave in war".  I've always liked this name.  Recently it's had a boom but that's ok.  As much as I like it, I could never name our boy that because it would sound ridiculous with our last name.  Wyatt Whitt?  Bless his heart.

Honorable Mentions: Shepard, Beau, JackSimon, Leo, and Eli.

Lillian - (Noelle most probable middle name.)  If we were to magically have a baby girl tomorrow she would most likely be a Lillian.  Chris is dead set on this.  He wants to call her Lilly Pad.  I love it but I can still be swayed.  I'm partial to the double "L" sound.

Tallulah - Means "leaping water".  I'm absolutely in love and Chris thinks I'm crazy!  It's so feminine and that's a MUST for me.  And again with double "L" sound.  Kaylen and I are in a battle over this name.  Right now, Tallulah owns me.

Cora - (short for Coraline).  Simple and sweet.  The middle name possibilities are endless.

Honorable Mentions: Scarlett, Shiloh, Violet, Willow, Bonnie.

There you have it!  Whatcha think?  What you YOUR favorite baby names?  I'd love to hear them!
And if you don't like Tallulah...tough crap.

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  1. I'm partial to Cooper, my nephew is Cooper James. All of these names are so cute!

  2. May I just say that the photo above is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!! I showed my Husband and he replied, "Life is f*cking good." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay, I'll be honest. I didn't read the entire post, except that you're not pregnant (me neither), everybody and their sister is pregnant (true dat), and a list of baby names (okayyyyy). But that photo is the shiz-nit. LOVE IT!!!!!



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