Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rainy Sunday Links

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Sweet Magnolia Way

Good Sunday Morning!  It's definitely nasty here today.  This morning Mom, Kaylen and I are going to church and them lunch and shopping.  Perfect way to stay indoors on a rainy Sunday!

Last night was date night for the husband and I.  Classic dinner and a movie.  We saw Now You See Me.  Go see it!  Seriously.  Order your tickets now.  Too many twists and turns for you to even keep track and then in the end they lay it all out for you and you're all "Ohhhh".  And I now have a crush on Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, and Woody Harrelson simultaneously.

Linkys!  Enjoy:

Photos that show why we miss George W

Most adorable little girl's birthday party.  Ever.

26 Fascinating Polaroids of Celebrities.  Heath and Michelle are my favorite.

Wanna see corn pop?  Thought so.

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese...yes please!

Meet Princess Monster Truck.  God love it.

7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy by Mara Wilson (aka Matilda).

This dress, this ring, and this swimsuit. Now.

Grumpy Cat is starring in her own movie???  Can I pre-order my ticket now?

12 Hot Men and their Feline Counterparts.  I mean, Hello. 

Possibly the greatest wedding photo of all time.

The Hathaway type vs. the Lawrence type.  An interesting read.

A Kate Spade inspired wedding.  Amazing. 

Do you believe in ghosts?  Even if you don't, these videos are pretty creepy.  [Please excuse some language in the commentary.]

Have a great week!

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