Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Cakester Crisis, Posesed Cats and Attack of the Disney Princesses

1. If you haven't already, now is the time to drop to your knees and pray for our country.

2. I do this.  Not sure why.

3. I actually cooked last night.  Like not out of a box.  Real ingredients.  We'll talk about that later.

4. I think this is a cat.  Not real sure.
5. Major props to Bradley Cooper for drawing attention to PTSD and the massive amount of our country's veterans committing suicide.  It's not the "cool" thing to talk about but he did at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards.
 "But, the coolest thing about me playing Pat Solitano was being able to go around the country and seeing all the men and women, the vets who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and the real need that we have to develop a strategy to take care of them. More people have committed suicide last year than died in the field of battle and it's an epidemic. So, thank you."
Thank you, Mr. Cooper.

6. Quite possible the best picture ever.
 7. DWTS: I didn't cry nearly as much last night (ok, not at all).  I don't know who was more excited that Maks was back, me or Chris.  Probably Chris.

8. I wish everyone that shares anything on facebook would check Snopes.com first.  There is no gang that flashes their lights at you while you're driving at night, there are no snakes in your toilet and Starbucks does not hate the troops.

9. Read about Lauren's attempt to help me through what is now being called "The Oreo Cakester Crisis of 2013".

10. I would be finding a new roommate.

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  1. I am pretty sure that Judge Judy gif is my favorite ever. I could find a use for it in my daily life. As for the cakester crisis, I am terribly sorry. I read Lauren's story and my heart pours out for you. It was like when they got rid of the Oreo O's cereal back in the day.

  2. Another wonderful reason to love the fabulous Bradley Cooper. Have you ever heard him speak fluent french? Oh my, it is SEXY!!!!!

  3. I LOVE JUDGE JUDY!!!! Seriously, I drive like a bat out of hell every afternoon so I can turn on the tee-vee. Sometimes, I'll leave school (my conference period is the last hour of the day!) early so I can watch the full hour. Not.Even.Joking.

    By the way, I hit the remote lock button AT LEAST three times. I mean business, bitches!!!!!!

  4. Yes, that is the best picture ever.


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