Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Praying Cats and Cakesters

 1. If someone could build this for me, that's be great. Thanks.

2. I was just thinking how awesome it would be if Rob Pattinson ditched Kristen Stewart for Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Tried on a dress this weekend and literally had this moment in the fitting room:
Went to  buy the dress and forgot I had a gift card.  Walked away with it for $11.  Score for Alyssa.

 4. One day last week I randomly stopped at a gas station I've never been to to look for my cakesters.  I found four!  I grabbed the whole box and went home ready to binge.  Right out of the gate I noticed they smelled funny.  I took one bite and they were clearly not the cakesters from my dreams.  Looked at the date and they expired in February....2012.  
Bitterly bummed out.  The cruelest of all jokes.

5. Love this picture from the set of Some Like It Hot.
Old Hollywood
 6. I've been listening to a lot of "The Making Of..." videos on youtube this week at work.  So far I've listened to Silence of the Lambs, Scream, Jaw, and Jurassic Park.  Any suggestions??

7. Word.

8. If cats could pray.  Who are we kidding.  They probably wouldn't.

9. DWTS?  Time for sweet ole' Andy Dick to go home.  And I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I'm really glad they're covering up 16 year old Zandaya (however you spell it) with appropriate costumes.  Could have easily gotten awkward.

 10. And lastly, already mentioned it but I'm now on facebook.
Like it, goofballs.

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  1. 1. I want! I want! I want! Could that freakin' pool get any better?
    2. Dont know what it is but I just dont see peoples fascination with that dude. With that being said, he should still totally dump KStewart.
    3. Haha, it's always awesome to have those moments.
    5. One of my all time favorite movies. So funny.
    6. Why have I never heard of these? I need to get on youtube asap.
    7. Word.

    Thanks for linking up, sweets!

  2. What the heck is a cakester?


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